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Hmmm....and I thought I was a easy reader but I can't explain who I am.I am a dreamer. I am the one who loves standing in the rain. I am the one who people looks for when the need to be cheered up. I love to laugh. My mouth is blunt honesty and that does hurt people's feelings but I never mean for it to. It's all out of love so if you want something sugar coated, don't as me to do it. I'm a free spirit. I have No Tolerance what so ever for fake people. I only allow people to know parts of me. I don't think any living soul knows all of me and yes, I do have trust issues because I feel strangers intentions and most of the time they are bad. I have studied many religions and traditions and still don't know where I fit in. I'm a Sagittarius with strong Sagittarius traits. I am a fire sign so, yes, I can be standoffish if it's for the right reasons. I do have a temper and sometimes it shows when I think someone isn't being treated fair . People loves my energy and my laugh because it's loud but I would rather be by myself , walking in the woods with my dog. I don't like judgmental people but I must be one also because I'm judging them judging. I think every person has a story and I love hearing the stories. I don't like for people to be grouped or considering themselves in a group because groups causes separation and we are all here for a reason and it's not to confine our thoughts to being identical to anyone's elses. I am very right brain ordinated. I dont think a horse should be lead to water, when he gets thirsty, he will find it. I was not a strict enough mother to my sons and it's because I was raised by narcissist. I love foggy mornings and thunderstorms and walking in mud barefooted. Lol. I would love to sleep for 8 hrs stright, if I only could. . It seems people have tried to restrain me from being who I am, all my life. Maybe they think they are or was protecting me , but they are holding me back and holding me down and now, since I'm older, I have so may responabalities that I will never be free. Free to be me... I love all animals but dogs are my heart

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