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2 years ago
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Often times I feel as though there is an object. This object is unknown, you can not see it, you can not touch it, you can know it exists, and needs to continue moving. After years of not knowing you decide whatever this object may actually be is irrelevant, and begin thinking rather than understanding it, we accept the unknown and try moving it instead. Visualize with me a huge ball of uncertainty trapped and locked in one spot. This object flows with insurmountable energy feeling the closer you get to it the farther back you will be launched. Everything persuades you to approach it nearer and nearer, but with every step the pain becomes more and more unbearable. I see others giving up, walking away and sighing at the relief of the lessening pain as they turn their backs and ignore what is real simply because it hurt them to experience it. As I watch others turn away I focus on the pain and push forward still, until at last, the event horizon, I have reached the line where approach and arrival meet and the truth of the unknown object becomes clear. I find myself standing face to face with myself, and this is what I said.

Life is uncertain, it flows with energy and must continue growing less it be destroyed, unfortunately this burden of life has become to entangled and heavy with woe and doubt that you can no longer move it yourself. The woes that consume this energy come from others, this life force has become pinned down under stress and weight. Nobody can help you move your life, it is a daunting task only you can accomplish, and therefore, you must release the burden of others to free your own buried life. Unfortunately however the problems of others have become entangled in your life energy and like the others who walked away from you, it will not be so easy for you to do the same to them. They had no entanglement from your problems, as your problems consist of theirs. You must face this burden alone, and work diligently, selflessly, and with much sacrifice to get your life moving forward again. Others will never know your pain or understand what it took, and you will want to resent them for this, however if you do the lesson of humility will not have been learned and you will be forced to undertake this endeavor once more. This is your life purpose, you have been given the tools and abilities to help you accomplish such daunting tasks, however this process will never end, it is your life path to make others realize their own. You are all life.

To sum this up, empaths often feel "the weight of the world on their shoulders" can anyone relate, and help me find something other than taking the high road to feel better? I have learned not all things need to be handled by myself, and the universe will work out the things I leave untouched, even with the ignoring and shielding of certain interactions however I still feel like I could of helped with a better resolve after the fact, often times leaving me mixed between trying to eliminate stress and feeling guilty for not doing more? Always confused. Never Happy. Only seldom but well worth it, do I feel an overwhelming feeling of pride and worth when I can do something no one else thought possible, always torn, sadness has turned into motivation as I can find no other justification.

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Ruby Fox
Ruby Fox
2 years ago
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When we find our motivation and purpose in life, I don't think anything can stop us. It is a purpose driven life. Never letting the noise of others drown out our own inner voices is the key to success and finding ourselves. I am personally stepping into more of the fullness of who I am every month. I heard of new agers mentioning the shawdow card (whatever this is-tarot?) and when we learn to face our shadow, and not hide dark aspects within us, then we learn more of ourselves-and find our balance within after maybe...fighting with the shawdow within? Because maybe we don't like the shawdow, and only deal with the good side (because it is stronger) or is it just stronger to us because it is the only thing we deal with on a conscious level? Maybe we need to dig deep and first deal with what is bothering us on a subconscious level. My life is morphing into something else too-a much more interesting one. Butterflies are a good example of my situation-a metaphorhosis-a transformation. A monarch butterfly.

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