Ruby Fox
Ruby Fox
3 years ago
70 posts

When we find our motivation and purpose in life, I don't think anything can stop us. It is a purpose driven life. Never letting the noise of others drown out our own inner voices is the key to success and finding ourselves. I am personally stepping into more of the fullness of who I am every month. I heard of new agers mentioning the shawdow card (whatever this is-tarot?) and when we learn to face our shadow, and not hide dark aspects within us, then we learn more of ourselves-and find our balance within after maybe...fighting with the shawdow within? Because maybe we don't like the shawdow, and only deal with the good side (because it is stronger) or is it just stronger to us because it is the only thing we deal with on a conscious level? Maybe we need to dig deep and first deal with what is bothering us on a subconscious level. My life is morphing into something else too-a much more interesting one. Butterflies are a good example of my situation-a metaphorhosis-a transformation. A monarch butterfly.

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