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Ever since I've had my awakening, (you know that moment when you read about yourself and everything in your life SUDDENLY makes sense and the mental illness you thought you were developing makes sense considering no prognosis was ever true about you to any extended degree... I read hours worth of material on all kinds of mental health issues, having just one or two symptoms from almost all of them, left me confused, yet confident a therapist would be no help.) -- I have been more in tune, woken up, enlightened, and at 28 years old this new mental concept has changed my life to a degree that I might just be crazy.... However I have been noticing synchronicity all around me, and also learned to follow my intuition and my heart. I made drastic changes in my work life, and a complete re-write on how I see the world, my physical sight is almost unrecognizable at times because my brain has began processing differently, I am recognizing signs, if that's what it should be called, the corner of my eye flashes and lights up at times, often followed with a slight body high (also one of the reasons I thought I was sick, which I've experienced more and more later in life) Now rather than looking for something in the real world, wondering, brushing it off and moving on, I think I am starting to use my third eye consciously, or recognize that what I am experiencing can only be felt, and not constructed using verbal thought, I can not even explain it to myself, yet have become knowing of something, and it alters my choices and decisions and I can not explain how or why, and since then, the most amazing opportunities and doors began opening for my family and I. Things that would have otherwise been completely unknown, and certainly can be called a blessing, happend because of this, I feel as though universal consciousness is controlling me, as if all life were one organism, one consciousness, and I am in fact NOT an individual, instead a implementable. My abilities (if you will) have been growing for the past few years as my *mental illness woe'd me more and more, leaving me confused, depressed, introverted, and ashamed. Having known for some time now has inspired new topics in science I was previously bored with, *as I like to learn rather than watch TV. Subjects of which I find hints and little parts of the grand puzzle that allows me to understand how this one consciousness as I see it, manifests in everyone, and everything simultaneously absent of time or space, our entire universe is alive, and of the 4% of the universe we CAN interact with, being physical matter, is extraordinarily complex yet to be fully understood, and even CERN hasn't broke the code yet (If you don't keep up with CERN, please read the CERN news releases once a month or two, its truly incredible what their discoveries may lead to, there is a lot of conspiracy involved as well, please be cautious of propaganda)... So we have 96% of SOMETHING else out there, and as complex as the 4% is, I don't find it hard to explain why I can't explain *LOL* anyway, embrace the martian, money is not real, stop watching TV, expand your mind, and see without ignorance, and follow your heart...LOVE AND PEACE

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Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
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Hi Sean,

I'm glad that things are working out well for you.

Welcome to the site :)

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Sean, thank you for posting your awesome note. I love your use of the word "awakening." That's exactly how I feel 1.5 years ago when I first learned I was an Empath. I use the word "diagnosed" but dislike that because it sounds like something is wrong with me. If I may, I'd like to start using "awakening" because that expresses it so beautifully.

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