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Hi,I'm normally ok at home and love being here bar the times I know I'm being lied to or that something stressful is about to happen. But the past 2 days my body is off the chart all over the place. My whole body is shaking on the inside and the out.. I feel sickly and have a strange taste in my mouth. My family all seem OK, nothing major going on.. Can't help but feel something bad is going to happen or already has and I don't know yet.Anyone else struggle when they are in their (normally) safe zone x
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The last time I had a funny taste in my mouth I had escaping sewer and natural gases leaking into the house....no one else could feel it...but no one lived with me.....I fixed the problem and no more fuzzy weirdness....but I'm extremely sensitive to oders and smells....

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Yes, I do that often. After you have recognize the feelings as not being yours(if nothing in your life is warranted for these feelings) but someone else's you let them go and float off into space or to source. When they "stick" I usually cut the cords to these feelings. As Empaths , we feel so much but when these feelings comes to us , observing and letting it go,, Like a passing thoughts , is what works for me. I also stay well grounded.
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I'm so sorry you feel this. I felt this oppressive feeling, was so zapped and even bed ridden, not long before the recent horrendous shooting. I am not sure and can't prove this was it, but I get an ominous feeling beforehand, and from time to time, when things of this nature happen. Not always, but even more than once is more than anyone should feel, So, I understand, and I hope you are better at releasing this as not yours to feel, if you have no insight as to what it is, than I have been able to manage at times.

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I have felt this way before sometimes it is precognition and sometimes it is cellular memory for me. By Cellular memory I mean I remember past events of loss or tradgedy on a cellular level before my mind remembers. Check the date did something happen this time last year or a few years back? I always say the heart remembers what the mind works hard to forget. For me the ache or anxiousness leaves once I acknowledge what the loss was. As for precognition that is a lil frightening to me because it has occurred a few times but in my experience the bad thing that happens is not permanent and your precognition is to prepare you that you are strong enough to get through what is to come. Love yourself well, take time to meditate, practice breathing, yoga, and mantras. The source of your discomfort will reveal itself soon or dissipate when you come into awareness of what's causing it.

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