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Hi Stian

You can check out the links that I sent you, but I feel that you are definitely empathic. You are no longer alone in being empathic. There are many more of us that you will meet here at the EC. This is a time of great spiritual energy flowing into this world at this particular time and you are part of a large group of spirits who have come into this world to help raise the levels of Light, Life and Love and bring in a new age of peace and prosperity for all humans. You will have to learn some shielding techniques to help keep the emotions of others from overwhelming you. You can go to this link which will take you to the HOME PAGE. Scroll down the left hand side of the page and you will find The Empath Survival Program. There is also a video there that you can watch as well.

Sometimes old people have illnesses or regrets about past choices. If a person allows this to become all that they think about then it can overwhelm them. What you can learn from their energy is to take good care of your health and follow your dreams in this life. That way you will live a long and happy life and fulfill the quests and goals that you set for yourself before you can into this world.

Your Irish friend was just trying to be nice to you because you are a very nice person. So be happy about that. He is on his own life journey of a set of circumstances that he agreed to experience before coming here. These circumstances will eventually lead him to his goal in this life so don't feel sorry for him. Another thing that you will begin to notice is that people are attracted to you because you are very strong in Light Energy. If you could see your spirit from the spiritual realm you would see that it shines very brightly compared to others. People will come up to you and tell you their life stories and the energy that you give off will help them feel at peace. You will want to share this energy with lots of people, but you must always remember to shield yourself adequately because you are no good to anyone, especially yourself, if you do not maintain good health and strong energy. This is a constant topic here at the EC and is part of the book by Dolores Cannon called "The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth." You are one of those volunteers as am I. I will explain more of this to you if you want to know more about this subject.

About your brother, he is being a bold lump and his behaviour is going to get him into some problems in the future. Your Dad may be too kind to him, but others in this world will not be so generous with their love. He is on a path of his own making and Karma will definitely catch up to him within the near future. The best that you can do is to respect your Dad and show him deep affection. Let him know that he is loved and doing a good job as a parent. Buy him a gift or a card with the words "Just because I love you" inside of it. It will mean so much to him and make him more happy than you can realize at this time. You will feel the difference in him.

I am happy that this other young gentleman bought you a drink. He didn't have much, but what he had he wanted to share with you. Like I said previously people will like to be around you because you make them happy and are genuinely kind. It comes out in the energy that you project into this world.

Many empaths are drawn to animals and wish to help them. Some empaths that I know cannot live around people as they find the negative energy a bit overwhelming. Some who feel like this become veterinarians as they use their gift to FEEL the illness of their patients and this then helps them to make a better diagnosis.

If you ever wish to chat or need something researched please feel free to drop me a line. It is never a bother as, like you, I LOVE to help others. It is what I do in this world. Once again welcome to the EC the oasis of thousands of empaths and always know that you are loved and surrounded by angels.

Throw some love into the wind.


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Stian, As I read your post I couldn't help but notice how this must be very frustrating for you. The Empath world is made up of different levels that a lot of us share. All of us have feltsomeemotion from another person. I have felt death, not something I would wish on my worse enemy. I didn't know I was an Empath till about a year ago. As I noticed different things and I started looking in to it more trying to find more information. To gain some type of understanding,I noticed that from your post all the items listed bring you sadness. Have you had any other emotions from your day to day life, when interacting with others?

Happiness, anger,longing, loneness, hate, have been felt by us even though we never really understood it. We also will from time to time be able to see something before it happens (Not every one has this ability).It took me along time to get that ability under control, even before I knew I was an Empath. it can be scary when you feel alone and have no one to talk to.None of us can give you the yes, you are or no, you are not an Empath, that you're looking for. We all took the longroad to finding out what we are, some of are still learning.We are here to help, but sometimes the answers are for us to find on our own.

That being said, I'm going to offer you some help.When youare near the people who cause you sadnesstake a moment and listen totheir body.Asfar as objectsthink of whyitmakes you sad. People watching is my favorite thing to do,peoplemay sayone thing butthe bodysays somethingdifferent.Once you see the way the body moves, and its mannerismsyou can then see what someone is truly feeling.Sadness is a powerful thing, being aroundto much of it will dull your true senses. I would suggest taking a few minuteseachday to yourself. Find a peaceful out of they way spot and sit with your eyes closed.Don't ask your self anyquestions, don'tponder, just sit and let your mind open and allow your body to recover.If you are an Empath beingoverloaded with emotions canhurt you. thatmay be why you are only feeling sadness (But it may not be the reason either).I wouldsayallow your selfsome timeget away for even 10 mins a day or week. It will helpto open your mind and clear it of the negative. Something else youcan do is take a test on line to see if you are or if you have the traits.I hope you find your answers.

Best wishes WiseRiverOwl

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