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Hey!! I need insight I'm not sure where to go for help with my confusion.I found out I was pregnant with #4 about 3 weeks ago. I thought I was 8 weeks pregnant however confirmed today that I am 11 weeks. This being my 4th, I feel like I should have known much sooner. I knew immediately with my other 3 that I was the first day I was late. And I knew deep down if I was having a girl or boy, and was right. I've always been one of this people who will think "I couldn't handle that, or, I don't know what I would do..."and then eventually I would find myself in that situation. My first born was born with a lot of health issues and has been sick for many years. Never thought I could handle that, especially as a new mom, but there I was. My problem is...I don't feel a connection with this pregnancy that I have with the others. (None were planned, so I wasn't actively trying and waiting.) I can't feel with this one one way or another what the sex is. I can't even see the delivery excitement and anticipation that I did with the others. Is this a sign? Am I reading too much into this? I feel horrible saying it, but, I just don't feel that this pregnancy will end like the others. I've always said, "I don't think I could handle losing a baby, those parents are so much stronger than I am, I couldn't do it". I just can't connect and feel with this one like I did the others, and I've started to really trust and rely on my gut. Please help. Any insight? And reading or energy that anyone can pick up on? I just feel so confused with this one, and am really struggling with why I can't 'feel' anything this time. Please help!!
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When is your due date if I may askLol. I don't feel anything wrong. I feel a mom to be with three that is overwhelmed with hormones going crazy. This child is who there going to be already. So that means it's personality is different then the other three and May be shy or hasn't decided yet to let you feel their future. They may be spiritual like you and can feel your thoughts and worries So that means you need to be patient with this child. Yes, I feel patiences is needed. Ok. Stop worrying.
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I feel that you are going to be fine. The spirit enters the baby's body at different times. Even when it does enter the body it is fee to come and go (to and from here and the other side) up until the birth. Possibly during your earlier pregnancies the spirit entered at the very beginning and stayed put. Eventually you will feel him/her. It may just take a little time. Take care of yourself and have a happy pregnancy!

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I don't feel anything wrong either. I agree with everyone else. Be happy :)I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth! :DLove and Light
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Dear Phyllis,

I have three beautiful children and for me each pregnancy was different. I felt disconnected in my pregnancy until my first born baby girl was 9 days old (she was screaming and unable to breastfeed) after this there was a very strong connection. With my second daughter there were hardly any movements during the pregnancy and she screamed for 2 years and wouldnt sleep, a total nightmare then but I laugh at it now. I was very unhappy in my marriage when I found out I was pregnant with my third child and I did not really want to have another child at all. I felt ill the whole pregnancy. When my son was born my husband and I were in shock as he was born with Down Syndrome.My husband could not handle this and we broke up. However this child is so totally amaaazing!

and such a blessing to this world. I am so glad I did not listen to any uncertainties that kept cropping up in all of my pregnancies As empaths we tend to be worry warts. Each child is special and has gifts to bring us as parents and then share these with the world. I just want to send you warm wishes of reassurance and trust that your ability to love as an empath will help you even at the most difficult times.

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