From freakout to out of place

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Hi. I recently travelled to Italy to visit my father, and I had to take a lot of planes to get here. Now I know I should have shielded and such but I didn't. It was a terrible mistake. I was like a sponge for everyone's traveller anxiety. I ended up crying. Now that I'm here I feel so displaced. Its hard to describe it more than that. Its a disconnected displaced awkward kind of feeling. If anyone has any advice it would be very much appreciated.
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Is there a bath or a shower handy? Rubbing a tablespoon or so of salt onto the solar plexus and then either soak in the bath with it, or shower your whole body and head as you shower it off imagining distressing energies detaching and going away from you down the drain. Go for a long walk somewhere safe and with some greenery around if you can find it, or hang out in a cathedral, maybe? When in doubt, stomp and shower it out! And drink plenty of fresh water. :)

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Yeah I'm becoming aware of this type of influence as well. Water seems to heal as well. I was a boat builder and lived on a boat for many years. Very soothing.

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