Kit Kat
Kit Kat
3 years ago
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I am sensitive in almost every aspect... Sensitive to color, sight, sound, touch, smell (I can't handle colognes and perfumes.. I prefer the smell of nothing lol), taste... you name it, I'm probably sensitive to it. It sounds like you're a very visual person - so am I! :)

Lately my hearing has been so sensitive that I've wanted to wear earplugs at night and throughout the day :/

On top of it all, it's kind of funny that I have a mostly-high pain tolerance :)

p.s. I can relate SO MUCH to what you wrote about pictures.. It makes me angry when people make me squint into the sun for a picture, and now I have a better idea as to why - I think I'm more sensitive to light that others are, like you were saying! I feel like the sun is burning holes in my retinas haha

Oh yeah - does anyone else have a complex about photos in general?

I feel like I look like a completely different person in pictures than in real life, so I've always tried to avoid being in front of a camera. It makes me so uncomfortable...

3 years ago
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Its interesting that others have the same sensitivities. I have all that you mention. I am sensitive to sound, smells, touch, tastes, and I have to wear sunglasses all year long, even in the winter or my eyes will tear up to the point it hurts. I hate getting my picture taken. I never really thought about this being related to being an empath, though. Hopefully someone here will be able to explain it to us. Or maybe its as simple as the fact that we are not only sensitive to emotion and energy but absolutely everything we encounter.

Kate T
Kate T
3 years ago
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Really interesting, love this subject ^^

Ever since very young I've had a very good hearing to the point i had to always ask my parents to lower the volume on TV, Radio or when talking and I was simply not a fan of high pitched voices or verbal fights which unfortunately i got a lot of (my parents had a lot of disagreements). I also had issues in clubs, at the metro or with certain high pitched kitchen blenders, and i still do. On the other hand, I can perceive distant sounds and whispers to a certain extent and in certain situations my hearing can get really acute (a few moments before falling asleep). It is no secret and my family knows closed doors won t help when they want to talk IF by any chance I happen to be curious. I believe that this trait is merely my ability to concentrate on a certain sound/frequency and isolate it. I do have a very good concentration.

My least good sense is the eyesight as well, due to the hours I've worked/spent/lost time in front of the computer and some genetic sensibility.

My sense of smell is off put by unnatural fregnances even though i wouldn t characterise it as the most sensible. Not sure how you call the ability to sense the environment around you and what moves. I know i've always been catching small fish under rocks bare handed and lizards, or following stuff through high grass using this "sense" ^^ :)) especially when i was small. Martial arts and those movies or clips about shaolins absolutely fascinate me. It unfortunately used to go a bit wrong as soon as night came, and i know i was afraid of the dark due to the fact that i could sense stuff of which origin i was unsure of.

I am sensible to a whole other range of external stimuli around me however among which the thoughts and intention of the other one, due to which i can now appear intrusive, as I try to no longer let them affect me negatively or affect my decisions to such an extent.

The traits made me a big lover of nature and animals and a partial hater of human gatherings, where non-verbal talk was being lost big time and I went through a lot of misunderstandings or ended up feeling really drained and had no idea how to stop it without stopping being myself. It's safe to say my sensibility made me insensible in a way, if you get how that works xD High defenses from an external point of view but essentially i was still internalizing everything.

All these taken together were more of a handicap for me in the society i've grown up with.. with a few exceptions, teachers and adults that saw in the "quiet kid that liked to read and look at people" potential. I had to read a lot about psychology and human behavior to be honest... to come to understand myself better as well.

Maybe they are just a sum of good hearing/perception/etc... other elements, who knows.

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