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I do not know what to do. I am in a complicated situation.I feel like everyday is some sort of lie and the future is what I look to, but never knowing what to expect. I believe I met my twin flame. I could check off on the entire list with this woman. She has been on my mind endlessly for days and nights and it is frustrating. Then the pain hurts so badly that I can't even work or leave home.I understand it was my first relationship as well, but I know she was my twin flame. We are the exact same person. Stubborn, spoiled, full of ourselves and super intelligent. There's more.Anyway she left me for some guy. Then my awakening began and I figured out what I am. I had ran from my abilities out of fear. Once it was over I would dream again, and these dreams mostly came true! No person ever spoke but here she is speaking to me, even I was unable to speak, only allowed to use my eyes. These dreams kept going and it seems they told me a story. All of these things have come true, and more is coming. Answers to questions I had about dreams have been answered and I have seen exactly why she said everything in these dreams. It all makes so much sense to me. Everything that happened was meant to happen.But now I am totally lost on what to do. I have an opportunity yo be with someone, and I have for a while! I like her too but in my heart it does not feel right. I find her to be so attractive and I respect her and our relationship is near perfect! There are no complaints but with me knowing what I believe will happen it makes me stop. I would so be with her but I know if this other woman ever came back I would break her heart and that is not fair and I don't even want to do that.I'm so bothered by this. I don't want to hurt anyone but I would like to just move on. It has been three years. I don't understand why I must think of her each and everyday. She was not the very first woman I've ever been with. I don't understand why I feel this way. The pain has become much worse. I thought I was supposed to feel better. I have moved on with others and nothing works. I have tried everything to get back with her and nothing works. That includes going from broke to well maintained. I just feel like nothing I do matter or will make a difference. I don't see how my future self did it. It is like I am always one step behind.I have been trying for such a long time it feels like this will never end. So many look at me with envy wondering how I've made it "this far" in life but I'm not even happy! I don't have the one thing I have been working so hard for. All I ever wanted was someone to love with all my heart. I never wanted anything else, but it seems I have everything but that. Sometimes I feel like a failure but I realize what I've done. In my mind there was only one goal and I have yet to reach it.I just don't know what to do anymore. What is there left to do?
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Nocturne's Angel
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I would recommend cord cutting.

If you are unsure what cord cutting entails here is a link that has various cord cutting techniques.

I would recommend that if you really want to move forward with your life that you should choose the cord cutting technique that works best for you, resonate the most with you, etc.

You may need to cut cords more than once depending on the strength of the cord.

Best wishes.

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I agree will Angel but you know what , sometimes, Time is what it takes. I know that's not what you want to hear but if she was your twin flame but the union you two had happened at the wrong time because you both had other things to learn before you reunite , then it will happen and you paths will cross again. But who knows. I don't know, except by cutting that cord, how to numb some of your broken heart pain. It's the worse feeling I know. Just remember to breath. Sorry for your pain.

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