Resuming dreams??

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Okay so, last night I was sleeping and I kept waking up and going to the same dreamIT reminded me of when I was younger, I used to have dreams that I had magical powers and this man use to tell me I was different, I use to keep going back to that place in my dream. It was so nice and peaceful, I eventually grew out of it though..Is this an empath trait??
updated by @lauren3: 01/19/17 07:14:48AM
Cat Whisperer
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Lauren, I'm not sure if it's an empath thing or not. My mother used to do that on a regular basis. She used to tell me that she would be excited to go to bed the next night to continue the dream to see what happens next.....kinda like watching a movie. We never discussed it but I suspect that she was an empath also. I have had it happen just once in my lifetime. It was neat when it did, I would try doing it but to no wouldn't happen.

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