Do you think I could be an empath?

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I'm 24 &over the past year have been wondering if I might be an empath.

So, to explain what lead to wondering about this. I have always been very sensitive to others & during teen years considered a potential future as a counsellor. Didn't go through with that, as I knew I would take the emotions on as my own too much. I'm creative & have taught young children in the past. At the moment, I am closely working with a client who is an energy healer.

Last year, I met with a friend I have known for a decade. After this casual meet up, I left feeling drained and almost bereft. In person, this friend said he was fine. But, months later, he admitted to feeling depressed for the past 2 years. I already knew this of course, having powerfully felt it in his presence. I feel guilty but am having to take a time out from seeing him as it effects me so much.

Finally, the catalyst for this - I went on a first date with a guy I dated for several months. During this first date, he looked into my eyes and I thought 'he is afraid of being vulnerable/afraid of getting hurt'. Well, just when I felt we were becoming closer & more intimate, this guy has disappeared out of my life with no explanation. That's another story.

Dreams - I have dreams that come true semi-frequently. Don't want to go into too much detail in case this isn't valid for being empathic.

What do you think?

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You could be. Based on both your experiences and interactions with people, companions, and romantic interests. But you could also just be Hyper sensitive. Check out this link If 3 or more of any characteristics mentioned in this apply to you I recommend you delve deeper in discovering yourself. If not then mayhaps you are just Hyper Sensitive. :)
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783 posts are empathic...dreams are normal...a part of the spiritual process....but the energy drain...sensing what's in other peoples' empathic...

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