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I have gotten pretty good at shielding and keeping things out, but I want to learn how to use it actively. Hone it instead of repressing it. Any help, thoughts, advice or something similar?
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hello there :3

im not the best person at shielding and protection but heres a method i found once while strolling on the internet, ill copy paste it from another discussion i posted it on, hope you find it helpful!

well theres this very basic method that i learned a long time ago which seemed to work very effectively, i even taught it to my friend who suffered from the same thing as you (he didnt know empathy even existed) and it worked just fine for him.

close your eyes and imagine a ball of white light coming out of your head, then slowly make it move around your body, after you're done make it expand and shield you.

this might not seem practical as it needs time and concentration but by time you'll learn to do this without imagining the whole process to shield yourself when needed, also dont think about it too much as it can exhaust you.

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In addiction to what Xerzel said, grounding is also a good way to "hold yourself still" instead of the feeling like a leaf blowing in the wind. Let the energy flow though you and exist. Don't hold it, only observe it as its passing though then released it. Sounds easy though it took me a lot of practice. I also protect myself sometimes with walls around me that can not be broken. I use white light also. I also use pink light sometimes if I'm working on something that I only need a filter instead of a wall. I do this during meditation. But I do put shields up sometimes when something doesn't feel right. Just a extra layer for protection for the negative energy I'm feeling at the time. Usually when the spirits are messing with me. Lol.

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