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BRAVO!!! I could not of said that any better. I see I'm not the only one picking up on this energy. I have tried to disconnect from it all day. I believe , after these bodies turn back to dust, when it's just our spirits, we will then be equals. They will be no color differences, sexual orientation, religious beliefs , body size or type...just love between loving spirits and their creator (s). The only time I believe I could take a life is if my loves in my life, lives are about to be taken. What makes a person believe that they are so superior that they can judge and put to death a brother or sister just because they don't think or live like they do. This has been so painful and I have no relations or know anyone involved but I feel them so much. Asking Why, Why...Why. I believe every person in that club would have showed this man mercery if the tables had turned. I seen where a mother was texting her son while this was happening, he was in the ladies room and I seen later he was one of the 49. How does a mother survive that. And yes, for a moment I believe I could of brought someone to their knees just for that one mother but that would of made me a monster also. I also see the Muslims of this country trying to apologize for the actions of madmen. No apology needed.I'm send love, light and prayers to the victims that lived though this event and for the loved ones that is trying to find meaning why their loved ones had to leave this life at the hands of a madman. Their on to their next destination now, for they may be the lucky ones for they are in the light of love. Blessings.....

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