Kaitlyn Brokaw
Kaitlyn Brokaw
3 years ago
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Oh that's not fun at all!!! :(

We went to the animal shelter after our cat died to get a new one. There were loads of kittens and adult cats, all of them rather friendly, and we couldn't seem to decide. And then I heard this little thing in my head say, "I'm stuck in a cage." And the voice was so sad, and I was just like, I need to save this animal! I turned to look out the window, and the cat in the cage right next to it, looked directly at me, and meowed really loud. I knew it was her that had called to me. I unlocked her cage and she was just perfect. She liked all of us, wasn't too hyper, loved cuddles, declawed. Just perfect. So we took her home. And I really just can't imagine life without her now, she is so amazing and highly psychic, she takes care of a lot of negative sources around the house. I think she was pretty much made to be a part of our family.

Maybe that story doesn't fit what you were asking, lol oops.

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