2 years ago
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You know what I think Demipanda, I think some people has such a deep mind set, no matter what you say will make a difference. I'm very standoffish, or was until I realized I'm wasting my breath and time and lowering my vibration to get a point across. What made me realize this is that I'm a Sagittarius and one of our unappealing traits it once we get our mind set, right or wrong, your not going to change it and I heard a girl on YouTube talk about this unappealing trait that she hated about Sagittarius and I realized I have done this also so I'm trying to let things go, a point. I'm sorry, I'm rambling on, It's so hard for someone so sensitive to "not bend" when it come to emotions of others. So my answer is "walk away" for your own sake.

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