How to cope with an energetic vampire

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My younger sister has been dating a manipulative, emotionally abusive boy off and on for three years. As I am unfortunately living at home at the moment, this means I am exposed to him more than I would like to be - and that would be never.

I've never liked him from the beginning and while my initial reasons for disliking him were petty, they became completely validated. I've noticed that whenever he's around, I get a crippling migraine that won't go away with medication. There's no way that this is a coincidence.

I googled it and apparently he's an energetic/psychic vampire and since I seem to be the being who is the most in tune with their energy, he feeds off of me whenever he's around.

Does anyone know how to cope with this?

Thanks, all the love, namaste.

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My personal view - not a definite know it all but,.........

Chances are he does not even know he is affecting you in this manner

If he is as you say he is, (Emotionally abusive and Manipulative) he has a narcissistic energy that you are picking up on as opposed to the `feeding` from you - you feel the intensity but not the excessive fatigue and depletion of being drained from a `energy sucker`

He wont know he is affecting you in such a way because he is very self focused and, his intention is to probably affect your sister which could mean you are picking up on her confusions and problems attached to this guy (hence the headaches of him and her combined that you are suffering)

It must be equally stressful knowing he is not a good person and your sister is involved (Have you spoken to her about him? / Does she listen?) - This would undoubtedly add to your emotional health

You have to try and detach yourself somehow - separation techniques - have you tried any?

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