your ''Luck''...good or bad mostly?

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Hello! i often think of events in my life and how for me i very often seem to have ''good luck''. By that i mean i often seem to be in the right place at the right time in many circumstances, or avoid accidents where i should of been hurt very badly, friendships that dissolve for whatever reason turn out to be a blessing in disguise with the reasons being revealed in the near future (and then it all makes sense..i was being protected), or in times of need such as looking for something i need like a tool/parts, an address, if i get lost somewhere or i am low on funds..i get ''whispered'' that i mean i hear the answer being whispered to me in my mind...guided/protected. I have been ''told'' where to look for money that others have lost or dropped in parks or items that i could use. The funny thing is...i dont start out looking for money or items, but i hear the voice (s) guiding me and urging me to look and where till i find it. For day my brother bought a home and it need a lot of renovations. The downstairs was just a 4 foot dirt floor crawlspace that i peeked in there to see what it was like. So a bit later while helping to renovate i needed plastic bags to haul away renovation garbage. I recalled there were a bunch of white plastic bags in the crawl space below the house, so i told my cousin who was also helping to follow me down below and we grab plastic bags. I entered below only first two feet and stopped in my tracks...a voice was very loud in my mind ..''STOP HERE.TURN AROUND. THERE IS MONEY BEHIND YOU IN THE BAG. STOP.LOOK.IT WILL HELP YOU.''......(keep in mind it was dark under there, i had a mini flashlite and there were maybe 20-30 white plastic bags of all shapes and sizes scattered on the dirt floor.)I went back and in the semi dark i picked up a white shopping bag ...right away the voice had told me this was the bag...i felt the weight in thete and i knew in my heart i found something good. Took it outside in the daylight and opened it....10 coin collecter books full of coins, old collecter bank notes etc. I hand it over to my brother immediately as i knew he could use the money for renovations (he of course said next to nothing...very selfish and ungrateful) and a few weeks later got the coin bag checked out at a coin collector shop....$1800. There are many other instances of me finding money with ''voices'' telling me to look and where . Once, i was urged (by inner voices) to hurry and walk to the local corner store to check my lottery ticket. It was 7am in the morning and i just woke up! the voices would not stay quiet till i finally walked over to the store..i handed over my ticket to the cashier before checking the numbers (i was confident i won money, yet i didnt really get excited about it..i just wanted the voices to calm down and give me a rest)....i won $1500. So i seen a Medium in the past about 10 times and both mediums said to me ..''You think you have good intuition and good luck! but it is not You. is your spirit guides helping you and showing you. You do not desire money or ask God for material things and He is very pleased with you. He has sent upon you two spirits that are your relatives, they are the ones who tell you things, who protect you , who guide is not Luck.--keep your mind pure and free of negativity and you will hear them clearly.The days when you suffer is when you have a cluttered mind and choose to ignore and not hear what your spirit guides are telling you!''.

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I think I have mostly "good luck". Everything just seems to work out for the better, even if it isn't always consciously what I had in mind. As of a result of this, I let go of the need to control everything in my life and to just "go with the flow". It helps me to stay present, and I'm learning to deal with situations as they arise as opposed to worrying about it since worry solves nothing.

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