Harambe the gorilla

2 years ago
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I read about this a couple hours ago. Here's a link:http://m.wlwt.com/news/police-responding-incident-at-cincinnati-zoo/39773436

A gorilla was shot and killed at a zoo when a 4 year old boy climbed into the enclosure. I'm upset that the mother didn't do her job. I'm upset that yet another beautiful creature has lost its life because of human stupidity (RE: Cecil the Lion, Yellowstone bison calf) I almost feel that I should sacrifice myself to try to make up for these (I won't).

Instead of me sitting here bawling, is there a ritual I can do to offer my condolences to the animal kingdom? My heart is so heavy for these atrocities. I need to do something on a spiritual level. I know I'm tapping into grief felt by many people for this. It's just so sad.

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2 years ago
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This upset me so much when I heard it. I thought the same thing, why do humans have to interfere with nature. This beautiful creature was killed because of irresponsibility. That is not the first time a child has fallen into that gorilla encounter in Cincinnati, Ohio. That gorilla was truly a magnificent creature.

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