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I typed a reply to another post I feel may give some food for thought

I stopped watching TV, listening to the radio, completely turned off social media, no Facebook, no twitter, no Instagram... Everything about the government, borders, nations, war, politics, and money are useless and debilitating to world unity (not world peace) I have a conscious knowing of the balance that consumes the universe, and I believe as empaths it is our divine curse to take part in the continuous evolution of human consciousness, just like natural selection, the species with mutations that benefit survival become the normal and the species evolve to further improve the mutation, a mutation like sight, hearing, feeling, get where i'm going? I became a student of all things, psychology, mental illness, neurology, electromagnetism, electricity, biology, botany, physics, nuclear physics, chemistry, technology, sciences of all kinds, history, anthropology, and the list goes on and on, all self-indulged, never looking for one answer but continually just absorbing everything I came across. The one thing I've learned from this above all else is that EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, and in order for existence to exist there has to be a balance, a universal standard if you will, and without ignorance we cannot ascend ourselves, meaning in order to tip the balance to our favor we must exert an equal amount of negativity to give it a reason to "exist" or occur at all, that is what politics, war, greed, pain and suffering make possible... Finding oneness in both good and bad allows you to overcome the pain of others and rather than absorb start projecting with complete selflessness, understanding, and empathy to further evolve the human race to the golden age of knowledge and consciousness...

Through all science my only finding is + = -

Your superpower is balancing the world

The smallest things you do can ripple through eternity

The only way to find happiness is finding oneness

To further extend my thinking process use this plausible idea...

With the advent of modern medicine and technology, life expectancy has risen, and thanks to the industrial revolution population gains are unparalleled (1950 world pop. 2.2B, 2016 world pop 7.4B) The balance that used to be found in struggling to survive and death from common illness has been replaced with the death of the human spirit... The distance we feel to those around us yet, more people surround us than people have ever experienced in the past. From this I try to explain that the balance is always there, spanning time and space non discriminating and ever present through all different mediums including us.

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Sure, experiencing suffering for a while can help one enjoy eternal Love, Happiness and Oneness the more - but I personally believe that suffering is an artificial construct to enable us to experience the opposite of what we are. Suffering is finite and terminal.

For you say that 'The only way to find happiness is finding oneness' - but one cannot experience oneness and e.g. separation-suffering at the same time....

Love and Light!

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