Living around low energy

2 years ago
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I am in a living situation where I'm around strong low energy most of the time. I'm doing what I can to get out of it but emotional survival is what I'm worried about today.Does anyone have any tools to help?
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2 years ago
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If i can relate to any degree I call this emotional anxiety, I try to find the benefits and good of any situation, and look for a way to increase the energy, just a smile and a few kind words can project more than meets the eye, and uplift others whether they realize it or not, everyone is empathic to a degree, and most of them know something is missing... You can't make someone happy if your not happy, fulfill your "curse" and bring joy and energy to those around you and take solace in the ability to understand the bigger picture, mind over matter and tomorrow brings a new day, I'm sorry if this doesn't help, just know your not alone at least....

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