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Hello. ....SO i realize some things about myself that make sense awakening to the fact i am Empath. --I like to fix things, to improve things, make them better.

--Sometimes if i think i can get away with it or it will please others, i will quietly fix or correct something...just because i can and that it is helping the person out.

--with small children (or young teens/young adults) or dogs i have known i like to teach.I do that because i like to help others and enjoy seeing others better themselves and not struggle.

-- I can be a bit of a safety nerd. Not anal uptight scaredy cat ''gotta do it safe or i want no part of that!!!'' attitude....i mean i like to look out for other people's safety and will forewarn or advise, or i will remind to wear safety glasses or not get to close to some obvious to me-danger. I will fix my bike up with reflectors, bike lights, wear bright clothing if biking or walking....very common sense things. Whether at a work site or family function, i am always the Watcher and take precautions to ensure everybody in my zone is safe and not doing anything stupid to hurt themselves.

-- i think outside the box. I see a problem or some obstacle and i challenge myself to fix it, to improve make it better..not just for me, but for those that may come next they avoid the unpleasant experience.

-- creativity. I look at something in my tool shed or in a drawer, or at my jobsite and my mind is filled with possibilities of how i can put that object to good use or combine it with other objects just gathering dust to form a tool or use it in some way .

-- in freely giving compliments . I do that very often , for a variety of reasns. My compliments are genuine, not phoney or false praise. I give compliments to many, from children to the elderly to pets. I do it because when i see somebody (or animal) doing something good i want them to know i am greatly pleased and that they are acknowledged. Also, i do it to ''raise them up''. But the older i get (late 40's) the more i need to pick and choose who recieves the compliments. Why? because i often will just blurt out my compliments like a child and sometimes people think i have ulterior motives (example: flirting, or sucking up for something in return or they are just insecure and not used to ANY compliments) ....but i have no other reason then to acknowledge and to lift up their spirits. That is the only reasons, nothing more.

-- Gathering things/objects/possessions /clothing and storing for a later use. Not exactly hoarding as it is not truly a selfish motive.....i do it with the intention to give it away as needed to anybody that seems worthy , give it away to charity or maybe bring it to work and give it away to

to a co-worker in! I learnt to be more cautious with who i help and give things away too as some people are paranoid or think i have ulterior i may somehow trick them or con them . ~the end~

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It's interesting how we start to understand ourselves better once we are following our spiritual path! Sounds like you're really looking consciously at yourself & the things you do. That's good :)Helping others throughout our lives is a huge theme for people here on this forum. As is learning from when we've helped the wrong people..or in the wrong way.Learning self love for me has been a biggie!The safety aspects you mention sound a lot like my parents. It used to annoy me slightly when I was though I feel the overwhelming love attached to those concerns..and it makes my heart warm :)BlessingsGem x

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