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My motto is "a sleeping husband is a peaceful husband". Lol. Let him sleep. I love my alone time. I use to push my emotions deep inside. That was my way of dealing. If I didn't think about it then it would disappear , it doesn't. It's becomes like a thorn in your index finger, it gets calloused over and we think it doesn't hurt anymore, and sometime it doesn't but the thorn is still there and at some point has to be removed. When we listening (what empaths do best) to others problems problems and feeling their emotions, it gives us a break from our own and we get addicted to it. It's strange we give the best advice and are super problems solvers for everyone one else but can't confront our own problems. Sometimes we love a stranger more than we love ourself. And that drains our energy. My hidden thoughts and emotions use to lay dormant until something small would happen and I would react in a rage of anger or crying uncontrollably in the shower. But now, well...most of the time I cut cords of the things I can not control, things I've done that I can not change and the people that I cannot deal with. I have finally realized that I am not perfect and before I can help anyone else , I had to fix me. But there is those days that I have to go to my narcissist fathers house to check on him and I hate , hate, hate having to put myself though that but it has to be done even though when I leave , there will be a black cloud over me. But I ask the Angels to cut those cords as I'm walking to the car to leave.

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