In Control in the Present?

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I've been bringing awareness back into my body and into the present moment. I had a talk with my wiser self about this as well because in the present is when I have the most and strongest panic-like symptoms. The message was that until I learned to accept the unexpected as normal, I'll continue to have panic attacks. Being in the present moment, I tend to have "panic like attacks" because I feel like anything can happen and nothing is in my control. My awareness of the world is far bigger. In the present, I pick up on energy much more easily.

Question: being in the present, do you feel like nothing is really in your control? Control is an illusion, butdo you notice how much bigger the world is or is your awareness broader?

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I think the "present" maybe different for everyone even though it's the same. I can only speak of myself being centered in the present. I see no past or no future. At that moment of time , I am "still". Nutural. No good or bad. Just in total peace with myself. My mind is still. It took me a while to be able to sit in the present. With a calm mind. If only for minutes, it feels heavenly. I don't feel like "nothing" but I feel balanced. To me, it's like I wipe my brain clean. Blank. Still. Lol. I have never tried to describe it before. I'm totally relaxed and weightless. Then I can move though the day or night with less stress or bad energy. If I was having panic attacks I could not center myself at all probably. I don't know about everyone else but it took time and a lot of meditation before I was able to ground and centered in the present. My mind was going in all direction and the harder I tried to force myself to get to that point, the more the world and my ego interfeared. I finally figured out, it's not force I needed , I had to let go. My thoughts and gifts are clearer and I can see more naturally instead of what Man and the World had tought me to see. I think the present should be more of a calming effect to you. It is that way for me. I hope this makes sense.

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