Could I have changed from an Empath to a Telepath?

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Three days ago, I woke up from a dream that I was fleeing from planet to planet, searching for a place that I belong to. In the middle of it, I got into a fight and I could physically feel the slashing and bleeding on my neck and shoulders (the intense pain that I could've died if I continued fighting), so I continued fleeing.

That dream was enough to traumatize me as I avoided anything that reminds me of it even a drink because of its name.

Since then especially yesterday, I was headed to a Latin American festival (my country is asian country).

When I almost arrived there, instead of feeling any emotions of the people there (including in my heart), I sensed their minds (many different minds and hardly any locals).

'Sensed' as my mind and in my third eye.

It's not like how things were before when I wholly felt emotions.

Do you know guys know what is going on or the meaning what happened to me?

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I think you are an Empath that are finding yourself and your abilities. I cannot speak for all Empaths but I , myself have other abilities that is intertwined with me being an Empath. The "Clair senses". You may have a couple of them or all of them. I think your your dream just brought it to light. Hope this link helps
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Well everyone has the ability to be psychic and we all able to use any psychic ability - you don't lose one ability and gain another. But most of these psychic abilities are closed off to most people unless you become open to them (or in some cases they just begin to happen to you). However some abilities for some people are stronger than others. So it sounds like your telepathic ability is beginning to open up and it's likely a stronger ability for you. I also have telepathic abilities but they aren't extremely strong. My strongest abilities are clairsentience and claircognizance.

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I have times where it feels like my empathy went out the window. Sometimes it is so strong and sometimes it feels like it is off. I have telepathy too. I am a strong sender and receiver. Though I seem to send the best when I am trying not to send to someone rather then when I strongly try to send to them, lol.

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My abilities works that way also. Example in the psychic picture challenge , I look at the picture and lay it down and do something else. The information will come quicker to me that way. I also read people better when I'm not trying.

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