Are shielding techniques counter productive?

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Bigg Hoss
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Well in my experience it can be both beneficial and counter productive. On the one hand if you don't use it you leave yourself wide open and if not really prepared can really be over run with problems mentally and emotionally. This can even be harmful to your well being or at least has been so for me. Also, using them too much allows us to stay closed off and we don't learn much and foster our ability to discern and learn from differences in outside energies and discerning them from our own. This has at least been in my experience. I think like anything in life a healthy balance of using and not using it and discerning when it is appropriate is key in my opinion. Have a nice day!!!

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I think do them with the frame of mind 'I'm keeping my space energetically hygeinic'Reason being if we do things based in run the risk of attracting it ..if you see what I mean?Just my thoughts on it :)BlessingsGem x
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I try to protect myself daily and like Big Hoss was saying, I think in some cases you can over do it and not feel anything at all. I'm no expert though. But I think , at times , use too much protection but my meditation was invaded once by a ugly being and it scared me to the point I was afraid to meditate for a week. It also almost cost me the house we was closing on , which in the end I bought the house but that's beside the point. I was under attach by a neighbor that wasn't playing in the light and thank goodness a very nice man on this forum (thanks Trevor) help me work though it. That was the first time I used a shield and stopped the bad energy. It was real! And when I stopped it , I had no idea that I was using a shield. And the shield was in my hand. But, I guess it's hard to believe unless you have experienced it. So, yes, I'm a believer in shields. I guess it's according to what kind of spiritual work your doing and how well you know what your doing. I do believe I have a harder time "connecting" because of my protection but so be it. When it's my time, my guides will let me know.
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I feel that it's effective for me because it helps me from becoming over stimulated to the point that I experience mental disorder issues (like panic and anxiety). I still feel everything, but not to the point that it's debilitating. I just do a daily protection visualization.

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