Question on empathic people's inituition?

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Do empathic people have a reliable claircognizance ability,since i read that empathic people have a strong inituition & since inituition is composed of claircognizance & clairsentience ability.Since i(i'm empathic) had a question i wanted to ask my inituition & was wondering if it would answer sponteneously/on command.

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Definitely! You will receive an answer, we have just been programmed to block everything out... recognizing, accepting, and having confidence in our abilities are all of our stumbling blocks. I am clairaudient, so I hear my answers, no matter how stupid they may sound and I have to admit I don't always listen because I am still building my medium daughter is very intuitive and she just knows things...we are all different the way we receive our answers!

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Yes, mine does but most of the time I do not have to ask , it's already there but I have ask, are you sure? Lol. I also go with that first feeling. Being "did I just see what I thought I just seen" or "is this persons energy really that bad"? I do believe if you question yourself too much your left side of your brain will take over and that logic kicks in and you will doubt yourself. I don't know what kind of question your speaking of but be sure it's your intuition that is answering you. It doesn't lie. I have a very strong sense of knowing , seeing, hearing and touching.
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Please keep in mind that all empaths are at different levels. It's a little frightening to be clairvoyant, and you have to take time to look at the whole picture, not just respond in a knee jerk fashion, as that reaction can cause others to back away from you in fear. Because you know things that they didn't want you to know. Sometimes people get angry when you uncover The Hidden truth, so you need to learn to be compassionate in your delivery.Since we humans are all connected to every living thing, we will all grow in these abilities to gather the strength of universal love. By sharing your experiences with other empaths, we will all be stronger in our dealings with those who have not yet been awakened or enlightened. God bless you for your service and your loving heart!
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I have realized I do have strong claircognizance, clairsentience (which most empaths have), as well as telepathy. I would say that clairsentience is probably my strongest ability which makes sense being an empath. I do get an answer on command from my higher self, spirit guides, etc. usually that comes in the form of just knowing, or a feeling, and sometimes in the form of thoughts.

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