Too embarrassed to apologize?

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Ok I'm speaking under the assumption that no one on here enjoys confrontation (maybe I"m wrong) but does anyone else struggle with saying sorry?! Pretty much what happened was in all my social anxiety and nervousness, I misspoke and accidentally took credit for something I didn't mean to. I know I offended my boss while at a dinner meeting and she kind of pointed it out (in front of the president of the organization) but I felt too guilty and embarrassed to even own up to it later! I have a big fear about it. Help?!

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I know what you mean about being embarrassed to apologize. I would pull your boss aside, explain exactly how you felt (guilty and embarrassed) and apologize at that point. It's the best you can do :)
Trevor Lewis
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I'm with Raven exactly.

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Hi...It didn't help that she kinda put you on the spot in public either...she shoulda pulled you aside and said something about it to you herself...instead of embarrassing you in front of others...just apologize and let it this point it's to make you feel better...not
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I am with Karen on this your boss sounds as if she needs to apologize too - I am the opposite, I over apologize which truly does me no favours

Have suffered anxiety and understand the inability to confront and verbalize - words will come out all wrong and panic sets in - fearing it is the worst part, over thinking conversations etc - I cant say if I was in your situation I would firm it and confront.

I used to have to tell myself `Whats the worst thing that will happen` then I would think of awful scenarios - It truly did not help.

I truly do believe situations like this need a very hard cutting of ties - Imagining the anxiety/ fear/embarrassment as an energy within you bound by a cord - You have to really see it in your minds eye and release it, watch it leaving your body and cut that cord - watch that energy float away and visualize a protective aura around yourself - Be free of the anxiety - It may take a fair few attempts so don`t be dismayed. I do this for everything nowadays - The more you believe in the release the more effective it is, the more you see it leave etc...

Good Luck

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I'm an 'honesty is the best policy' type of person, speak from the heart, include how you were/are feeling and then let it go knowing you tried the best you could.Those unresolved bits in Life cause an energetic cluster of undesirable stuck energy which will often reside and fester within ourselves. Best to sweep away those dustballs of stuck energy however possible. If it is heavy enough on your heart to post here, some resolve needs to happen.

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