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What do you guys think of social media? It makes me so paranoid and I go through these phases of having to delete everything because I get overwhelmed by it all. I think it's brain washing us and trying to tell us what to be and how to feel. Not sure if it has anything to do with an empath because I'm new to this all and still trying to figure it out, what are your opinions?
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As it is becoming more and more known `The Anti-Social Media`

Not only are people exposing every detail of their lives to the world they are becoming (as InStillness says) less involved with personal interaction

- Photos and emoticons replace words that express emotion and thought - If not plastering your whole life online then just placing opinion (and without meaning to be rude, opinion is rarely ever backed up with any reasoning behind it other than having it and sticking with it)

The aggressive words used though indeed an expression of trying to make a point, that point can be blocked, refuted or ridiculed by many leading to further anger, stress and frustration - Whats more, many jump on the bandwagon and begin a tirade of nonsensical combat that escalates into threats etc.....

There is nothing social about plastering your whole life on `social media` - Nothing social at all because Its all a case of look at me, rate me, agree with me, know me (at least know the person I portray myself as)l it is egotistical and thousands of egos is undoubtedly overwhelming

Brainwashing? To a degree yes, My conspiring mind reflects a means to have us all hating each other and fighting opinionated battles rather than care about real problems and the real threats in this world.

Trolls (and there are many paid to be as such) are part of the system as a means to enforce the battles which in all fairness most have not the sense to ignore - Regardless of how personal and vulgar these people can be they are merely people hiding behind a computer - Again the ego takes over and people cannot help but, retaliate....

I will of course add their are many people who join these sites and do so as a means to meet new people or interact with friends and family on a sane level :) I am not one of them, I really (without unkindness) have no interest in what people are doing daily - If they want me to know they will tell me

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Hello Lauren,

I am new here also and to empath. My opinion on social media...I stay away from it. The brief time had a facebook page, a few months, I felt uncomfortable with it... example, people that I walk by at work and do not even reply to a hello would send me a friend request... what is up with that ?? Again just my opinion, a lot of people use it as a stage to make themselves look "better".

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It is so overwhelming for me cause I can see right thru most of their lies! I can feel/see their motives and agenda! Then I get angry at everyone else for not being able to see it also!!! I have always watched the news cause it was something my dad and I did together and he is no longer here but I am watching less and less every day!!! I just can't do it any more-the stories tear me to pieces and I ALWAYS feel worse after watching it or spending too much time on line!!!
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We are part of the new energy, The Awakening. We are not "Normal", nor will we ever be like that. What we are able to FEEL is what was felt by many of the more advanced people of bygone times, only now there are more enlightened people coming into this world at this time to aid in the elevation of this world's frequency and to recharge the Crystalline Grid with positive Light energy. You can read more about this in thefollowing books "The Three Waves of Volunteers and The NewEarth" by Dolores Cannon, Books 12 " The Twelve Levels of DNA" and 13 " The Recalibration of Humanity" of the Kryon series of books byLee Carroll. I also recommend "The Journey Home" as well byLee Carroll.They will allow you to realize that we empaths and Lightworkers are here on specific missions that we have all volunteeredfor to aid humanity at this monumental time in the history of this world.

If you wish to visit a good page on Facebook go to my page Bing Haleyand you will find only inspirational posters and links to LightEnergy. I am alsoon YouTube at 1111 Angelswhere you will find hours of videos on Lightworkers, meditation, Angels, the calming music of Liquid Mind, and all things of the Light. It is all free of charge.

Throw some love into the wind.


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Hi Lauren! I too delete my social media apps lol, it does get very overwhelming...It may be because as empaths we have the ability to not only pick up energy near and from distance, but feel empathy to its highest extent. Going through everyones opinions, angers, daily posts about life can be exhausting. I also have issues with certain light, and certain sound. Social media, tv, news, can be "brain washing" as you say, however if you know that it can - chances are it is not effecting you in that way - regardless, I agree that I do not want to be part of that either. I actually do not even have cable set up in my home anymore...and it turns out its working just fine that way :)

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I got over social media years ago. I use to feel like I was on a constant emotional rollercoaster ride and I hated it. Too much information comes rushing in to me on my newsfeed and it exhausts me within 2-5 minutes. So now I'm not on it (except for this site, city-data on occasion and a nurse's forum which I seldom frequent) and if anyone has something to tell me, they can come find me and we can sit one on one and discuss it. Otherwise, it's too much.

Also, I value my privacy a great deal. I don't want the world to know everything that's going on in my life. I work in healthcare, in the hospital and so everyday I encounter a lot of varying energies (usually heavy) and so it's not often that I can choose what comes in and out of my life. I work with babies which is a great energy to work with! But their parents and families as well as my coworkers (who right now can be a bit much) can be a mixed bag. When I come home, I need to tune out and decompress, not tune into other people's stuff. I won't allow that. I need boundaries and respect my space as well as everyone else's.

Bigg Hoss
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Social media is become (especially in my experience) nothing but a distraction and is actually very harmful. It is an outlet for people to let their ego run rampant and for sociopaths, psychos and narcissists to lure people in for the "attack". On top of all that it is definitely a platform for spreading ideas (some good and some bad) that can have an effect of ones free will or decision making. As others have stated for people like us it is extra harmful at times because of energy and emotion that can be taken on or moved to feel over a distance. I have watched it lead many in to different compromising situations in many relationships as well as foster attitudes and mind sets based in deception and subterfuge against fellow humans and in many cases fellow humans that are close to them. Also it takes away the human connections that are essential in contacting each other in person. Just not much good at all in social media currently in it's form right now. The cons FAR outweigh the pros of having it. I only maintain mine because of it's to communicate with a few people now and again that are not near to me where I live. I have been debating my self on whether or not to delete it honestly.

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I only have one social media account but mainly because of college's announcements.

I plan to delete all social media accounts after I graduate or by the end of this year.

Even though that account may be the only way of communication between me and friends, I know that I am connected with them and not having the social media won't change anything (although they might not know that because they are not Empaths).

Crumbdropper gretel
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Congratulations Lauren! You are truly an empath being born! up! Social media effects us empaths greater than others because we feel the energy in the postings of others. Your first hurdle is going to be learning how to deflect negative Energies from invading your space. It's practice. Sometimes it will hurt and you will feel out of balance. Stop at that moment. Recognize what just entered your energy field and perception. Acknowledge the shift in your feelings. Then do a 60-second meditation to ground the negative Energies. Actually feel them leaving your body through your feet and being grounded by Mother Earth. This act will open you to answers and visions meant for you. Don't be frightened, just be aware. We are all here for you.A good book to read would be the Fifth Agreement by Don Jose Ruiz and Don Miguel Ruiz. It will help you with the basic practices that shamans use to stay outside of their people's feelings.Be blessed and keep asking questions! No question is too silly. Love everyone and your rewards will be constant!Yours in God's service,Gretel

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