How do I break the chord?

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I've read alot on here about people breaking the chord amd I'd like to learn how?I think this maybe difficult as the signs and synchronicity with this person has just been fascinating. As well as everytime i dream about this person, the next day they call. Happens every time.
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The way I see/ understand it: - We are more or less all connected with 'cords' to everybody/ everything. They symbolize our being connected and ONE with everything. We can have a look at such connections with the mind's eye. If a connection is 'healthy' (i.e. it just conducts love, happiness and other healthy energies) it looks 'light' and smooth, whereas if our connection to e.g. a person is unhealthy, and there is energies of e.g. hate, anger, guilt, distrust, etc. the cord should look unhealthy, dark, gnarled. Cutting cords its about disconnecting unhealthy cords. you can visualize cutting a cord, or ask your guides to cut them (Archangel Michael is often taking part). If a cord is really unhealthy it might not be enough to cut it, you have to follow it into your body, where it might have rooted in with dark roots. You have to ask for those to be pulled out, or healed as well. Sometimes unhealthy cord ends re-connect, so you might have to go through the process several times. With my narcissist ex I did not only find an unhealthy cord on the solar plexus, but all chakras (front, back and sides)

As with any healing I ask that it is as effortless as possible, and that if ever possible healing crisis are avoided. In case of decording for myself and the being that is being decorded.

And you do not have to worry, it is impossible to cut a healthy connection.

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My one ex was totally unhealthy, I thought I was done with him but he continues to reach out every few months, and I just ignore him. So his I'd like to cut.But I speak more of a man whom my chakra lady tells me I'm soul connected to, a soul mate. He has never once needed my help or dumped his problems on me. I understand just because he may be a soul mate, we may not be together romantically. However, deep inside I feel differently. I don't wait for him, I do date others and plan things in life accordingly . And now I'm seeing signs/synchronicity with these new men in regards to my mystery man. I can't help but to think wtf. I have no idea if this is healthy or not with him, I've been trying to go with the flow and let it unfold. But it's bothering me this is happening with new relationships.
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not sure what to tell you? I have given up on always trying to understand everything all the time (with so much interfering and negative energies still around it is rarely possible to get a clear connection to my helpers and know 100% that info received is true (in my case that is))

In your case I'd just pray that things unfold optimally for any relationship you might have. That negative ones get healed or those people drift away, and that positive relationships are strengthened, protected and cemented.

There is e.g. crystals too - e.g. andradite garnet is supposed to help bring a relationship to it's next higher/ evolved level (sometimes that is going separate ways, sometimes getting closer). As I understand it you program the crystal to a specific person and best keep it close to yourself as much as possible...

And not sure if we just have one soul mate anyway? Considering that we are ONE energetically, it does not make sense to me that we would be closer to any being than to any other? But obviously on this planet one can be happy to find just a handful of people that one is on a similar wave length with :)

Love and Light!

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I don't know either lol. I'm a pretty happy person and in my own life. And I do understand I cannot make anyone be with me, but if I'm trying to date and meet other men and the signs/synchronicity start happening with new guys. I just find it weird like the universe is saying different. And again I'm not looking for it. Like one guy i datex spoke of a corporation and the name of the Corp waa mystery man's name. The second guy took me to a cafe with his name, and then invited me to dinner to a restaurant with that same name. I told my best friend and she's like "oh that's really weird" lol. I feel like the universe is just constantly throwing it out there about this man. But again, I can't make him date me. That's why I was thinking is it best to figure out how to cut the chord? And dreaming of him, and he calls the next day? I just try to roll with it.I also know we have many soul mates not one. I think society has embellished the term soul mate to an extent.
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sounds interesting :)

yeah, have a look if you can find any unhealthy cords (maybe you have to 'overcome' this guy/ heal something before moving on?). And ask/ pray too, that any unhealthy connection is cleared/ healed/ severed. If that is it, you should hopefully feel and or see a change happening.

All the Best!

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Hi Tigerlilly I know this post is from a while ago, but I was surfing through and thought I would write....I have come in contact with strong negative energies from others that do not seem to go away. I learned on this site from someone who posted...I cant remember the post or who it was but; if you invision the cord connecting you and them attaching at your solar plexus and then in your vision picture cutting the cord with scissors (or whatever) can also use your hands to gently chop or use your hands in a scissor like motion to cut the cord...and invision actually cutting this cord loose from yourself. I have actually done this, a little bit ago I had a serious issue where I could not shake someones energy no matter what i did. The person is family, I had a hard time being around this person or being in the same room with someone while they were even on the phone with them...after doing this maybe actually worked.

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Cord Cutting Method One:

The Cord Cutting Meditation Channeled by Will Berlinghof

This meditation appeared in a personal reading Will did for Vikki.

When she did the meditation it was so effective that Vikki was a changed woman, literally dancing for joy she felt so good.

She requested that the meditation be shared with others as we all have psychic bonds with many people, both dead and alive, entities who deliberately or inadvertently created violations, usually when the victim was young, and although not being significant at the time, it tied the victim and the victimizer together by the psychic cord for the rest of their lives and into past lives and into lives to come.

Cruel statements by parents or relatives, bad or misguided advice that affects one's life, lack of affection by parents and loved ones, cruel and judgmental attitudes by certain entities as the child becomes a teenager, etc.

Once this psychic cord is broken, these negative energies and feelings can no longer be felt by either party and as a result one's life becomes more balanced, less frustrating, buried feelings that somehow affect one's life on certain levels are instantly removed and life in the physical is immediately improved.

In short, this meditation releases and ends karma that could take many lifetimes to resolve.

"Visualize yourself in a favorite place that you also associate as a very safe and healing place. It may be an actual place or an imaginary one but what is of utmost importance is that you see it as a safe place.

Once in your safe place see yourself surrounded by a ball of pure white light. This ball of spiritual energy will both protect you and energize your efforts at cutting the cords of attachments to those individuals you wish to cut from. When you are ready, call forth the individual that you wish to cut the negative cords of attachments from.

Once you visualize the individual standing in front of you, look down and see the cord that exists between you.

The cord will be attached from navel to navel and is usually dark and thick, although there can be variations on the theme. It is important to realize that you are only cutting the cords of attachment that detract or cause conflict in the relationship, not the positive ties of love and respect that exist between the individuals involved.

Next, look the person in the eye and in a Voice of Power speak the unspeakable to the person that you are doing the cord cutting with.

This means that you say anything and everything that you need to say in order to clear the slate and release all pent-up energies and emotions that you have been holding inside but have been unable to express for one reason or another.

It is important that you speak in a Voice of Power and Command, even if you could never do so with the person in real life. Remember you are in a safe place and are protected by the Light of Spirit.

Once you have spoken the unspeakable and there is nothing more that you wish to say, you can choose to hear the response of the other person.

However, this is your choice and if you choose not to hear the other person this is perfectly alright.

If you do choose to be open to a response you will only receive the inner truth of that person/soul, not the responses that you might normally expect from the person.

Remember, you are not dealing with the real person but their spirit representation.

They will speak only the truth to you if you are willing and able to engage.

Once this stage has been completed it is time to move on to the cord cutting itself.

For this, visualize a crystal knife available to you.

Take it in whichever hand feels most comfortable.

Speak your intent to cut the negative cord of attachment that exists between you and the individual.

Holding the cord with your free hand, bring the crystal knife blade down to the cord.

Hold the knife next to the body and when ready, cut down and through the cord. I you wish you can say: "I cut this cord of attachment with you".

Once you have cut the cord on your side you can offer the crystal knife to the other person so that they can cut the cord on their side.

The individual may or may not choose to do so.

If they do, watch the cord fall to the ground where it is transformed into hundreds of beautiful butterflies which flutter away.

Once the cord has been cut, thank the individual and then send them on their way.

If the individual does not choose to cut their side of the cord, wrap the cord around the individual and then banish them from your space. Again, use a Voice of Power to send them on their way.

You are now free to leave the space and end the meditation, or to repeat the procedure with someone else that you wish to cut cords with.

You can do this exercise of release as often as you want with any individual you wish to clean up a relationship with.

It is important to remember that this procedure only releases the negative attachments that drain, cripple and harm us in some way and not the positive, loving aspects of relationship.

Also if you feel the need to re-cut any cords that have become re-attached for whatever reason, you can do so at your leisure."

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Cord Cutting Method Two:


by Sarah Judith Cole, OBT, LMT

It seems we are always in the process of becoming, giving birth to who we are at this moment. In this process of birthing, becoming, is also the little deaths, the letting go of that which no longer serves us. This includes old relationships, old ways of acting, reacting, and interacting. What if we had some way of releasing the energy that we are still putting to that which is outdated. Actually there are many ways, one of them is "Cord cutting"

The process, the ceremony of "Cord Cutting" is based on the premise that when we enter into relationship with a person, or even business relationships, and contracts of all sorts, an energetic thread or cord is activated. As we move through life, often these relationships no longer are what we need or want them to be. "Cord Cutting" allows for the energetic thread that has been running to be cut. Relationships don't have to end, but this allows for new beginnings instead of being trapped in the past. Sometimes, we want relationships to end, such as when you are no longer in a relationship with a lover. Every time you enter into such a relationship, particularly one that leads to sexual involvement, an energetic thread is started. If the relationship continues, the thread gets stronger. Often, people can feel this, or have an intuitive sense of what is going on with their partner. This is due to the energetic connection. Even relationships that are ended, years later there still can be a tapping in. I will give you a for instance from my own life.

I left my husband in 1991, and our divorce became final in 1993. We parted amicably, and basically did not stay in contact. Late one evening in 1997, I was sitting in a restaurant, with a friend relaxing. Sort of out of the blue she said to me, "You know, you have never really talked much about your marriage, tell me about it". So, I did, but it felt odd, and I brought that up, as I had from time to time mentioned my marriage to her.

A couple of days later, my son, Matthew, called me, and told me that he had talked to my ex-husband. He said that my ex-husband had called him and asked him how I was doing, and stated that he never really understood why I left him. When I asked my son, when this was, it turned out that my husband had called him and was talking about us to my son at the very same time, my friend and I were in the restaurant talking about the marriage also. What this told me was that there was still come connection that had kept going, and I needed to end it.

Also as children of our parents, as we grow we wish to have more adult relationships with our parents. Cord cutting can help to break that old way of interacting with each other, of being seen as the child and parent and allow the relationship to evolve.

As parents and as our children grow we need to have different relationships with them, to stop seeing them as little and needing our help.

Business partnerships that are no longer valid, also have energetic streams connected with them, that need to be broken.

As you can see all these relationships carry an attachment, a stream of energy, and unfortunately it is often a stream that holds us down and saps our energy. From time to time, we all have experienced the various "energy vampires" and these definitely need to be broken. Also the times, when in order to help a friend through a trying situation, we have given, and or become caregivers. As that person moves through their situation we need to cut the cord, and allow for the growth of the relationship to enter into a new phase.

Even in happy marriages, from time to time we need to do this. Generally speaking, as we grow older and mature, we become more mentally healthy, as we give up old ideas, and expectations, and come into our own definitions of who we are. This is true in marriages as well. The needs and expectations differ, as we come to redefine our idea of marriage, and therefore, cutting cords, can allow for this growth and maturity. It is very important when relationships are ended that we cut the cord. This can even help us with the grieving process of letting go of someone, whether through death, or the ending of the relationship. With relationships that are ongoing, it creates the space for new levels of connection, and can add freshness to the relationship. Where there is discord, it can cut that discord, and allow for new perspectives. It can be particularly useful with co-workers who we have had problems with, and those who tend to "get under our skin" or push our buttons, and grate on our nerves. It can provide the space for us to detach and perhaps see what is really going on.

If you find yourself dreaming about someone, or about things in the past and not getting anywhere, doing a cord cutting ceremony can be useful. It can help stop the psychic negativity that may be coming your way from others. Remember thoughts are energy and like prayers, so the above may not be about someone who is negative, but may be well intentioned. This would include those who "worry" about you, or if you are on a trip, visioning something bad happen. These people are often well-intentioned but don't know how to express their love and concern in a more positive way. Cutting cords can help you not to receive their projections, and may help them to also evolve into perceiving you differently. Worrying about someone is not a measure of someone's love, but a measure of their ability to worry. It is a trap that mothers can often fall into, because we are taught to worry about our children--if we don't worry about them, we don't love them. But you know, generally speaking when your kids are in their 20's it is no longer necessary to have eyes in the back of your head, and be focused on what your children are doing all the time. It would be useful for all mothers, to do a cord cutting ceremony concerning their children, throughout their growth years with us. If we keep perceiving them as small and helpless, or not capable of making good decisions on their own, they will act that way. At some point, you really do have to let go. This includes the old dysfunctional patterns of interactng that society has taught us.

Over the years, I have read many ways of doing the "Cutting Cords" ceremony, most of them are a variation of each other. Below is the one I use.

Cord cutting requires a certain amount of energy and is not passive, therefore, it is best done when you are well rested, and relaxed. While being active, (as opposed to asking God to do this for you) it is also quite intentional, so being firm in your intent to let go is important. You don't have to enjoy letting go, you just have to be intent on letting go, knowing that this needs to happen for the good of all. Sometimes it is not easy letting go, and we want to hold on, but as Sting says in one of his songs, "If you Love someone set them free"

As an aside for healers, we are not here to allow others to suck off of us, and every once in a while we will come in contact with someone who wants to do just that. One of the things that a healer does is help hold the balance while someone is going through the process of a healing work. Part of our work as healers is to help in this, and then as soon as possible help the person to build their own resources of healing. That is one of the things I like about using essential oils and natural supplements. People can learn and become their own healers. So doing cord cutting can be real important for healers, to break attachments that our clients have formed with us. Even if the relationship continues, both healer and client need for the relationship to evolve.

It is best to do it at a time when you can be alone and are assured of not being interrupted. Have yourself in a prayerful meditative state and well grounded. Diffusing oils such as the blend Three Wise Men or Frankincense, or Sacred Mountain would be good. Other essential oils would be Spruce, Cedarwood, Sage, Lavender. Also applying oils would be good. I have found that using essential oils can make the process easier, and more complete. There are 3 oils that are real specific for every situation. They are Valor, (on the feet) Release (on the feet) Acceptance on the Liver. If you don't have these, you might use Lavender on the feet, Geranium on the feet, and Lemon on the liver. We process every emotion and particularly anger through the Liver, and often through the emotional heart as well. Some good oils for the heart area might be Into the Future, Hope, Joy, Rose, Lavender. Also Forgiveness is quite good on the navel area for relationships where there is "unfinished business" which almost all relationships have some. Melissa, Frankincense and Ravensara can be used here as well.

The energetic streams by which we are attached to others, can run throughout all of our energetic body. Your energetic body surrounds you and even goes into the earth as well as above your head. Cutting cords is a little like pulling weeds. Just as in pulling weeds, you have to get all the root out, this is true also with cutting cords. Another strong aspect of cutting cords is visualization, and also breathing, taking long full breaths, and strong exhalations, releasing as you exhale.

I have done a lot of cord cuttings myself, and have facilitated others doing it, as well as doing it in some of the workshops I have led. It is not uncommon to feel all sorts of emotions while doing this. It is important to not hold back on the emotions, as emotions hold and carry energy and allowing the emotions out is part of the process. When I have done this in workshops with others, energetically what it looks like to me is that the energy streams are like stalks, and often the emotions look like balls of energy or almost like flowers, which are being fed by the energy. If I tap in, in a very focused way, I can see the roots going down below the person, as well as above the person. Relationships that have had a lot of energy connected with them, (as opposed to relationships that are more casual or intellectual in nature), sometimes remind me of great big sunflowers, often sort of run amok. It is often like viewing something that is multi-screened. With energy piled upon energy. If you have ever felt when coming in contact with someone who seems that their energy is wild, this is part of it. People who often have a lot of emotional and energetic toxicity, their energy sometimes looks like a garden run amok with spikes streaming out. It is possible sometimes to separate out the different energetic streams, but often with families where there has been a lot of stress, it is amazing they will be all intertwined. It is not necessary to see this as you are doing it, and I don't always see it myself. I only tap in if the person seems to need help.

If you want music, that is fine, but it is best to save the music for afterwards, when you might just simply want to relax and enjoy the feeling of peace. If playing music before helps you to get into it, that is fine, but playing during, for some might be distracting.

You can change this according to fit your own particular spiritual beliefs. While standing, allow yourself to become centered and grounded, feeling your connection to the earth. (The earth is a sentient being as well as we are, and we actually live within the aura of the earth, and have a connection to the earth. This helps us to not be spacey. )

You might want to start by calling out loud upon God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, your spiritual guides, or saints, angels etc, to help you with this process. You can also ask to have your Higher Self as well. Allow yourself a few minutes to feel the energies you are calling upon, to feel your lower chakras being grounded in the earth and your top four chakras opening and receiving the sustaining assisting energies of those you have invited and asked for help. Archangel Michael has been particularly associated with Cord Cutting, and when you are ready Invite Archangel Michael to assist you in the process of cord cutting. The beings you have called on will be lending energy in this ceremony, but it is you who has to cut the cords. No one will do this for you, the beings will help in clearing the energy from your fields, but you must start the process. While continuing to stand hold your arms out and ask Archangel Michael if you can borrow his sword. Allow yourself to really experience taking this sword that for time beyond time has stood and fought darkness and cut through illusion. We may not realize it, but often we have illusions about relationships, and our own perceptions about who we think we are and who we think the other person is. Doing this work, will help you to cut through this, and begin to have a new outlook. Even if you are not able to feel anything trust that this process is happening. Begin to say out loud I now cut and release the cords of this relationship (say the name), and while you are saying this begin to move your arms as if you were holding a sword and cut all around you. You want to cut all around your body, remembering to cut above you and send intent, and or visualize the sword going below you to cut the roots of the relationship. If you can visualize you might also pull up the roots and pluck them out of your field while continuing to cut with the sword. You can see the energetic streams dissolving as cut and pull them from you. You may find as you do this that some bundles may be more concentrated in the navel, or heart area. Sexual relationships may be concentrated more in the lower chakras, while relationships that made your stomach churn maybe more in the solar plexus area. Relationships that seem to mentally tax you may be more in the top three chakras. Relationships that have been more joyful, generally are more diffused throughout the whole energetic field, they still need to be cut to allow for new growth. In some ways you are tending your energetic relationship garden, and things have to be cut to allow for energy for new growth. Continue to say the name of the person whom you are cutting cords as you do this. When you feel you are finished with that person/relationship/ pause and let yourself feel it, and scan, get your sense of whether or not you think you are done with this particular relationship, then go on to others. It is best not to overtire yourself and only do a few relationships in one cord cutting ceremony. Start with the ones that are most foreground for you, of the ones that seem to occupy your mind and heart the most. This could be someone from your past. Those who have experienced abuse, who have been attacked, raped, mugged, etc, start with that one first, even if you don't know the name, say "the person who stole my purse and knocked me down, and give the date). For some, you may also need to say goodbye, I release and let you go. (remember to say their name or give explanation of the relationship)

When you feel you have done enough for this session, pause and breathe for a minute or so, and ask for the Violet Light, the Golden Light, The Highest Divine Light, the Light of God, or the Holy Spirit, (all or whatever works for you) to move around you, through you, above and below you, filling each aspect of yourself with the Highest Light and Love. Allow your heart to really open and feel your connection to yourself and the Divine. In doing this ceremony you have created a void, by calling in the Divine and more of your higher Self, you bring in what you need to go forth and have the relationships you want to have.

While you are bringing in and receiving the Highest Light and more of your Higher Self, you can begin to allow yourself to fill up with gratitude and start thanking those who have helped you in this ceremony.

If possible, now is a good time for you to simply relax, and rest. You might even want to take a nap. You might even want to mist your aura, with a blend like Joy, or Harmony, or even Lavender, Spruce, Sage. You may feel hungry, or drained, or simply peaceful. Even though you have done the ceremony, the work is still going on, as the work ripples outwards and the energy streams are dissolved as they go back to the time, person and relationship.

You want to also clear out the area where you have done the work. You can once again ask those you have called on to help you in this. You can also call in the streams of energy such as the violet light and the Golden White Light. This would be a good time to also diffuse Sage, as well as Lavender, Purification.

With relationships that are ongoing, such as with children and spouses, bosses, parents, you might want to do this a couple of times a year. You may find also with old relationships, that something new about them as come up for you, that represents another aspect and or energy stream that you weren't aware of before that also needs to clear out. Generally speaking, I don't recommend doing a Cutting Cords ceremony more than once a month. We need time to process, assimilate the work we have done. Cutting Cords is a cleansing and clearing ceremony. Respect the work you have done, honor yourself, and the work, and allow time for yourself to have new perspectives.

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Cutting Cords
to Protect Others from Draining Your Life Force!
By Master Stephen Co

Have you ever felt tired or drained after performing some bodywork or healing on a client or friend? Or what about feeling heavy and nauseated after listening to someone elses problems? These are all signs of negative energy transference. You can eliminate and prevent them by practicing Energetic Hygiene.

One of the most powerful, yet simple techniques of protecting yourself in Pranic Healing, is cutting negative cords. You establish energetic cords wherever you interact with people, especially doing healing, bodywork and counseling sessions. These cords are particularly tenacious and are often attached to the front and back solar plexus chakras because these chakras control the emotions.

Cords connecting you to a person or situation that evokes a strong negative emotion, such as worry, fear, anxiety, or anger, leads to energetic contamination, so it is advisable to cut all negative cords periodically, at least once in the evening. Not cutting cords could lead to cloudiness in thinking as well as insomnia. It takes only seconds but produces a quick sense of relief and lightness.

Arnon Davidovici uses cord-cutting to regain mental clarity after a long day. He says As the stresses of the day begin to wear on me and I notice that my actions and decisions become less objective and clear, I cut any cords that I dont want connected to me. Immediately, I feel like a different person. I know who I am and what I need to be doing. I make my decisions with more ease and clarity, and interact with people without external influences and stresses.

Many healers use cord-cutting to remove the attachment they make to their patients. Dr. Jason J. Wilson, a Minneapolis chiropractor, notes that cord-cutting is extremely relieving for him. It gives him more energy, since he is no longer contaminated by the backflow of dirty energy through cords left intact with his patients.

Below is a simple step-by-step cord-cutting technique:

Put your hands in the slightly cupped position. Place one hand above and slightly in front of your head and place the other hand down at your side but curving slightly inward toward your body (Fig. A). It will be as if you are holding a large ball in front of you. Most people put their dominant or energizing hand at the top.

1. Imagine beams of light projecting from your fingertips long enough to sweep across the front of your body.

2. Now, sweep down with your top hand while sweeping up from below with your other hand. You can dip your knees in order to sweep across your legs in front. Imagine that you are gathering together all these cords, from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, that are connected to various parts of your energy aura.

3. Pull them together into one bundle in front of your front solar plexus chakra. You should be able to feel them as your hands get about eight to 12 inches apart. Then grasp the cords in one hand.

4. Cut through the cords forcefully with a brisk karate chop motion with your dominant or top hand (Fig. B) You may wish to visualize the edge of your hand as a sharp, serrated knife. Make three cuts close to your body at the front solar plexus.

5. Visualize an image of your back. Repeat your name silently to clarify your intention.

6. Place one hand above your visualized head and one hand below your visualized feet.

7. Sweep and gather the cords into a bundle at your back solar plexus chakra in the same manner, then cut them with three sharp motions.

You should repeat these techniques after every client you see and after any negative interaction with people. Cord Cutting is just one of nine powerful tools you can use to maintain a state of good health through energy hygiene. Developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui for the Pranic Healing, these techniques are taught by Master Stephen Co in MCKS Pranic Healing weekend intensives.

This is an excerpt from the book YOUR HANDS CAN HEAL YOU written by Master Stephen Co and Dr. Eric Robins and published by Simon and Schuster Inc.

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November 3, 2005
A Liberating Goodbye
Cutting Cords

In every relationship, people are constantly exchanging energy that can become a chord connecting two people. This energetic cord forms just below the breastbone and can remain long after a relationship has ended. This unbroken cord may leave an open channel between you and another person, through which emotions and energy can continue to flow. If you are unaware that the cord exists, it is easy to feel the other person's emotions and mistakenly think that they are yours. Besides the fact that this can limit the amount of closure you can experience in a relationship, letting this cord remain intact can leave you with a continued sense of sadness while creating feelings of lethargy as your own energy is sapped from you. Cutting the cord can help you separate yourself from old baggage, unnecessary attachments, and release you from connections that are no longer serving you.

Finding and cutting unwanted cords is a simple, gentle process that is best done alone and when you are relaxed. It is important that you are strong in your intention to release the cord between you and someone else. To begin, breathe deeply and perform a simple centering meditation. When you are ready, visualize or sense the chords that are connecting you to other people. Run your fingers through the cords to separate them until you find the cord you wish to sever. There is no need to worry, because the cord you need to sever will feel just right. When you have found it, determine where the cut should be made and then visualize the cord being cleanly cut. If you need assistance, Archangel Michael can be called upon to help you with his sword. Afterwards, if you feel that cutting the cord has left spaces in your energy field, then visualize those spaces being filled with healing sunlight.

There may be times where cutting a cord can help free a relative or loved one to reach new stages of growth. You're not severing a relationship, but you are severing the cords that are no longer serving you both. At other times, a cord may simply refuse to be cut because it is still serving a higher purpose. It is also important to remember that cutting a cord with someone is not a replacement for doing your emotional work with people. It can, however, be an enactment of that work upon its completion. In any case, cutting a relationship cord should always be viewed as a positive and nurturing act. By cutting the cords that no longer need to be there, you are setting yourself and others free from the ties that bind.

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In Reiki, you remove the cords & send them back to the person/people to whom they are connected to & then ground & shield yourself.

Note: I would recommend to always ground & shield. At the very least use Donna Eden's Zip Up Technique, You can find the video on You Tube & also on this site by doing a search for it. Her Energy Medicine Videos are Phenomenal :)

EliseLeBeau(This site's Founder) also has somefantasticEFT Videos on here, as well as on You Tube.

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just snap it entirely

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