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This is not a question just a unseen curve in my path. This morning, after talking to a friend and hearing that she was giving in and allowing what I call bad energy, what she calls a group of narcissist, to gain control of her life again. It angered me, how dare her give up and bow down after coming so far! It was to make her family happy. So in anger, I went and set on our deck and a couple of robins were fighting down in the bottom of yard, I had never seen birds fight this violently, to the point I wanted to break them up. I stood up and they seen me and stopped. I walk though the house, still mad and worried about her I went to set on the back steps and I notice a bird had moved into the birdhouse on the side of my storage building. I watched as it flew back and forth to the house, and then he appeared, a guide and said"do not step outside the light" and he was gone. He was over me looking down at me and it took my breath for a moment. I wasn't meditating , I was just trying to find my center. Everything became clear that my healing for her was over and she was going somewhere I could not follow, not out of the light. So I sent her love and the best protection possible for my ability level and blew her a kiss. Now it's time for me to step back and let her find her own way, and stay quite, I now feel at peace but do have a raw flesh feeling spot in the part of my chest around my heart area. I hope I did not damage my heart charka, if that is possible.Just thought I would share this with everyone. Hope your day smiled
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Trevor Lewis
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Nice, Rene'

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That is definitely an experience.

I'm glad it happened as quickly as it did so as to make that connection.

Billy Jo
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Well done! It's hard to let go. x

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