Is it possible for us to feel our own energy?

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Hello, I'm still a "new" Empath, but I've been finding that I think that I can feel my own energy. I've always struggled with depression and feeling no self worth or anything, and I would always be able to feel other people, but recently I've found that I can feel something when I meditate or have quiet time and focus on having compassionate and loving thought and it feels extremely healing and really really nice. I've noticed that since I've been doing this I've been happier than every before and I feel like I'm nicer to people and I actually have a sense of self worth. It's extremely weird for me to think that I'm feeling myself, but I know that it feels like someone else's "vibe" or "energy" except i usually feel it around me and when I focus on it, it makes my sides tingle and feels like I'm pulling it in. I don't understand what it is but I can usually tell other people vibes because I'll get it from their direction on the portion of my body closest to them. What I feel is already surrounding me... I don't know, I just wanted to ask a other people if they experience this or even can relate or try it... I personally love it and I hope other people feel it if it is me lol.

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Lol. Welcome to our world. Isn't it amazing. Now try to explain that feeling to someone that isn't awakening. They will say your crazy, but your not. I would say your healing yourself and your on the right path. But there's more, so much more and your discovering your talents and yourself. There's a whole other world when you quite your mind.
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I think you are learning to tap into and acknowledge your own subtle energy and as Ren said it is healing.I spent from 18 to last year (I'm almost 38) suffering depression and anxiety with panic attacks on and off. I thought I was such a broken person. Felt totally misunderstood and was always told I'm oversensitive.Coming here last year during my awakening has helped beyond measure. I too for some time now have been able to take sanctuary within myself.. Its heaven! It's because I'm better equipped now to 'shed' what is not mine..and to recognise the calm within. Its still not always easy..when life throws curve balls (or great big stinking rocks lol).I'd say you're on the right path too. Keep doing what you're doing and enjoy the new found freedom and relief it brings :)BlessingsGem x

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