A perioid of being Powered Down Empathicaly and Psychicly. How do you Deal?

3 years ago
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So I havent been very active the last few years as the Physical has needed to be my main priority.

I just dont feel powerful and connected like I used too, I feel disconnected and weak.

Ive done cleansing and cleanings Ive tried soul searching. I am slowly getting a little back but I want to hear if anyone else has gone through periods like this, How they coped, and how things returned.

With love ~SoulPhoenix

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3 years ago
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I'm actually feeling like this currently.. if anyone has some advice then that would be great..

Meditation and reconnecting to what truly makes me happy seems to help but it takes a LOT lately....

3 years ago
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Same as nightmistress , and it also seems something keeps me from my daily meditation. Like a force working against me.I have cleansed my meditation area but it did not help so I'm changing where I'm meditating and recharging my crystals.I think we get caught up in the physical and our surrounding (kids, jobs and everyday problems) ) that it's hard to get back to our happy place (like Tootles waiting on Peter to bring him his marbles lol) But I have to say, Peter needs to hurry! I feel a struggle between the physical and other dimensions and it makes my feel like I need to pull away from everyone, and be by myself but that's impossible because I have to many responsibilities to my family and my three year old granddaughter that lives with me. So I have got to find a way to balance it but there is only 24 hours in a day and I have to sleep sometimes. I think it's really important not to drift away from who we are though. I hope we can all feel peace , soon...

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