Why do I feel like I'm not an empath anymore!?

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So lately I don't know what has happened to me. I have seen a dramatic change in my personality as a whole. I have become quite 'addicted' to being angry and find the smallest things to get mad at. I think about myself before anyone else and quite frankly I don't really think much of others anymore! An example: I always used to ask my boyfriend if he was okay if I felt something was wrong with him, now I rarely ask him if he's okay and it gets so hard to feel anything that he gives off. Also he recently hurt himself very badly! What did I do?? Well I just said suck it up I have had worse and didn't show that I cared at all!! I didn't even ask him if he was okay when he hurt himself :( I am so selfish now and I can't stop. It feels like I'm not an empath anymore because it's like I just blocked everything out. I can't feel what I used to feel. And it hurts to see the person I have become in only a few months. I need help really badly!! I want to be my original self again!! When I cared so much for people that sometimes it hurt! I miss being bombarded with everyone's feelings!! I miss helping people with problems. I want to be able to feel again!! I want to care again and think of others before myself!! Please can someone help explain what is happening to me and what I can do to be my normal empathetic self again! Please!! Xx
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Well, I was going to ask if you was manopausal but then I looked at your age. I feel that way sometimes when I don't stay grounded and centered. Sometimes things happen and a week will go by and I haven't meditated and I will start feeling that way. Like disconnected. Stress , can't keep you mind on of your joinery. Then sometimes when I stay centered and grounded I will feel as if don't feel as much as I use to feel. It will come bsck
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I agree with Ren, I get this way when ungrounded too. I function better in all ways when I practice plenty of self care.For me that's daily meditation usually in a bath of Epsom salts with essential oils... Or if no time for that I meditate in bed before sleep.When things are particularly stressful or I notice I'm 'snappy' I need to make time for things like mindfulness colouring books or get stuck into other creative activities that give me pleasure. I usually sage smudge myself and surroundings when I get like this too and try get out in nature..water and trees being my favourite.Don't be too hard on yourself... Sometimes the more we fight something the longer it stays around. Try kindly telling yourself 'OK so I'm not feeling myself right now..I accept that but have faith it'll pass' its hard, I know because I've recently been where you are after some devastating news and tried all the things I'm suggesting to you...and got frustrated when it didn't immediately work. I continued though and it did pass eventually.BlessingsGem x
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I have moments when I feel I couldnt care less - I find this helps me though - Like a release of the intensity that I did have a few months back - It was all too much at the time and I believe I begged to universe to release me from it several times.

It may sound a silly question to ask but, are you on any medication? has your diet changed at all?

There is the possibility you are being so angry because of having picked up on a negative energy? - When I used to suffer the anxiety and anger of someone else I thought it was mine - I did not give a damn about anyone else at the given times.

A possibility?

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Hi Miasophie. I have recently been the same, a little angry at the world, moments of why me, what did I do in a past life to deserve this self-pity, the usual :).and no I dont like myself much either when I feel like this, I like myself much more when I am positive, energetic and sure of myself. When I am embracing my gift and at peace with myself, when I am feeding the right wolves...

But then, life is not always so smooth sailing and mine certainly hasnt been of late with respect to my love life. Its hard having romantic relationships when you have the gift of being able to detect a lie or any form of insincerity so easily, because if I do I always have to react or better still respond to what I am clearly feeling, and then there is the disappointment, the lies on top of the lies already spoken that just make me want to back off completely, and thus ends the relationship. So yes I had a bit of an angry day yesterday, but as Gem also suggests, I got out into nature, then visited a friend, had a cry after the anger subsided and today I am putting my best foot forward.

What I am trying to say is, we sometimes need these moments of anger so that we can let out what needs to be let out, air our feelings so that we can make room for more of the good stuff. Talking things through with a trusted friend, getting out into nature, being kind to yourself (in thoughts, words and deeds) are all ways that will help you deal with these difficult phases and get yourself back to your true self. It will pass, but dont be harsh on yourself for feeling this way, ride it through, understand that it is all part of the learning process and that it is temporary. Namaste <3

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I laugh at myself when I get that way...lol...but you might want to check your energy, any links that you haven't cleared out....and maybe smudge your house...just in case you have visitors playing games...I get that quite regularly...lol...
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I get like this around the beginning of my cycle. Like I just really quit caring period. House is on fire? So what. Go away. I HATE it when that happens. I feel like a huge jerk.

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