I have Lost my own feelings and need to feed off of others to feel

2 years ago
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I've been an empath all my life but over time I have lost all of my own feelings and wants. The only way I feel is to be in a crowd or with someone, In relationships I know how to give but I don't want to take, My wants are there wants, They don't understand, when they ask "What do you want?" I say nothing, I want more of them. A relationship cant last when only one person gives. My pleasure is creating pleasure in someone else and then feeding off of it, I need external stimuli, music, movies, concerts, even work, I need to feed so I can feel, My gift has become my trap. Nowthat Ilive alone my lack of my own emotionsstairsme in the face every day, I have vowed to find out what I want or to find a need butIts not there, I am an empath and this is how I must live.

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Bigg Hoss
Bigg Hoss
2 years ago
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I have been there and felt very similar things as you. It was rough :( hope you feel better soon and get what you seek :)

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