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Does anyone else experience pain when around others? I get headaches, back & neck pains. I also keep track of when the sun flares up and it coincides with the flares also? Just wondering...

updated by @onry1: 01/14/17 07:13:49PM
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When I was younger I would have a headache everyday after school. It doesn't happen so much anymore unless I talk to someone that is in emotional turmoil or if the person is really negative.

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I pick up things in crowds all time. I now also pic up issues from others from more the 300 miles away. Headaches - back pain - wrist- should issues - stress and anxiety- leg cramps extra.
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I have fibromyalgia. But I find it is better when I protect myself against people and places that trigger me. Places that there are large crowds and or aggressive/angry people can make the widespread pain worse. I also get chronic fatigue when I have to deal with a lot of other peoples stress. Maybe this is like what you are going through?. Be gentle with yourself x

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