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You are never going in the wrong direction if wanting to enhance yourself for the better :) Only you know what your strengths are.

To grow as an Empath though you may have to reconsider the `want` in your comment (albeit I may have misread?)

Empathy is not at all a gimmicky gift to play around with - Emotions of others are not yours to play around with either - What emotions of others are you wanting to absorb and project? and why? Only your emotions should you be concerned with in any form of projection!

- If when having absorbed a negative emotion (which is the most common dilemma of the Empath) it is best to try and dissolve (That is, if not having successfully deflected it) The good vibe however is something that does most of the work on its own - To be able to hold on to would be the gift and sign of amazing empathic strength.

Every one of us absorb and project on a daily basis (even those who have no belief in empathy, the difference being they do not recognize it therefore are not open to it , in turn having no ability to advance with it) - Those who do recognize and, who are open are extremely vulnerable yet amazingly strong because regardless of the excruciatingly difficult emotions and mental processes (of their own and others) they suffer - They do their best to understand, work through. resolve and soldier on (no words fully express how amazing an ability this actually is)

The true gift of Empathy is about understanding and experiencing as a means to advance spiritually and emotionally - Experience of the everything (esp the negative) is the only way to know it and not be it - Playing around and seeing what you can do with it will never serve you any purpose - And like anything, if you play around too much with something you don`t fully understand it can seriously backfire.

Dont look to absorb and project (you do that anyway) look to understand emotions for what they are :)

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Stephanie Weinman
Stephanie Weinman
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As an empath, you are most likely a healer also. Do you have a meditation regiment? That has helped me to ground myself and understand what are my feelings and what are others. It has also helped me to realize what other abilities I have that compliment my empath traits. I am able to not only feel others emotions but their energy as well and I am now in the process of using that to help other people! I would definitely suggest incorporating meditation into your life as well as spending some time outside in nature. I hope this has helped :)

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Hi again - sorry so long in responding :)

Empathy can be very confusing - Emotions are extremely powerful energies - The hard part at times recognizing whether you feel the way you do because of yourself or an attachment of someone else.

A great example from my own experience would be sudden surges of intense anger coming from seemingly nowhere - a wanting to hit out or say something hateful in rage.... (I worked with a very angry and anxious lad with learning disabilities for two years.... during the time with him I took on many mental and emotional dysfunctions which I believed were me having a break down of sorts.... (I literally did in the end - Its how I found myself here)

I know now of course his energies had latched on to me - It was probably after two or so months of being away from him and consistent release meditations that I started to feel the lift and the clarification of my emotional behaviours were never mine - bizarrely never saw it at the time - He would be told No and my anger would surge. He was let down by his parents I would feel distraught and angry - sounds so obvious now but, at the time the emotions were so profound they took my thought processes - I could not process anything but, the feelings I had - This is where the danger lies in seeking to absorb others emotions - you play around with the wrong ones - you may not be able to shift them, let alone recycle.

When he was excited I would become extremely anxious because he could not handle excitement - like christmas - it was all too much anticipation for him, so for me a sudden influx of anxiety (the word does not at all express the actuality of suffering it - fear of absolutely everything and everyone sums it up, furthermore you are not only suffering his anxiety from his mental process of fear you equally suffer fear from your own psyche process too).

He could not verbalize himself well either, I now recognize my patterns of social anxiety throughout the time I had with him......

For me, albeit an extreme case it is a very dangerous game to play in seeking to play with emotions of others (even if with the best intentions) Dark and negative energies exist and do indeed lay dormant

- Those who fall foul to a depression or psychosis are not at all evident throughout their lives with this energy apparent, it can take many a small trigger though.

I was very unlucky indeed - The lad I cared for showed no real signs of psychotic behaviour outwardly. His emotions though were very dark.

I dont advise intently absorbing an emotion and recycling it back to anyone - you put yourself at risk - whoever `shared` this with you - regardless of good intention is not assisting with empathic understanding of what emotions are, nor how powerful!

A vibrant emotion is a wonderful one - if you are lucky enough to absorb it go spread it by being vibrant around others (because that is all it takes)....

Empathy is very complex - the need of it (esp the negative) is to experience and grow from via knowing it and not being it...... :)

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