Desire to connect to the "real" me

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It has been a few months now that I have been aware of being an empath. Since I've become aware it all just seems to make sense now and I seem to be extremely sensitive especially with my husband. Along with trying to be more in touch with my abilities I've felt like I am not supposed to be inhibited by things. (I used to use medical cannabis for migraines and anxiety. My husband also uses other things as tools. I don't want to start a discussion on substances at all but I was wondering if any of you feel like you are supposed to be sober minded. I feel like my true self (or whatever) is wanting me to figure out how to become at peace and find my spiritual awakening with out the help of things.. Does that make sense? Even with alcohol.. I feel like being in touch with my empathetic abilities have also awoken some spirituality, and psychic abilities that I just have a sense there is so much more.. And I'm not quite sure how to exercise them! I hope this makes sense and maybe some others are in the same boat as me.:)
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yea i feel something like that like if i am having difficult remembering something i dont like writing lists to help me remember or if i am feeling like im in a bad mood id rather not just eat a bunch of bananas (they reduce depressive moods because of the potassium) since its like if you do that then what are you gonna do without the bananas you know lol. and if i do drugs when in a bad mood that can easily lead to reliance and i think to myself if i dont have those things and i use them a lot then i will be screwed over and then there is no progress

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I'm still looking for the 'real' me too :-)

Somebody posted this article on here

Maybe it will help. I can definitely identify with the 'inherent wrongness' that the author talks about. As empaths/sensitives, we are prone to feeling wrong at our core. I think understanding this and realising there's nothing wrong with us is key ... still working on it though!

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I've had this craving with relying on outside sources when I younger. Not drugs and alcohol, but internet use, forums, chatrooms, etc. I felt it was necessary for my growth at the time and I was addicted to it. So yes, I have felt like my true self wanted me to figure out things with the help of other things. I had something to learn about those things. But I don't anymore, because that chapter is over. I wouldn't advocate others seek outside for things, especially not drugs and alcohol or social media to have people decide life for you, can be enlightening.

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