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I agree, you will just instinctively just know if this person is right for you. If you feel you are fighting that instinct, this person is not right. I will say that I got lost during my years of dating with what I trully wanted and put it all on paper. What this person looks like, personality traits, type of career, etc. I used to think about this list all the time. As well as tell my married friends what I'm looking for (I'm the last single one in the group) One day, about 2 years later I met a man with nearly all those qualities, we are only friends today but my intuition told me he's the one. I think putting it out there will bring this person to you. You may ask why im not with him, well im still working on to better myself and almost feel I'm not ready for this man. Guess I got scared this man on paper turned into a real deal. I'm still dating and seeing what is out there, as I'm not holding my breath over him. My psychic friend said he'll eventually come around, and to just keep in contact with him. But again I'm still going to live my life as if he's not a part of it, and do things for me that I haven't done for myself.

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