loneliness and seeking love

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Im a newly embracing empath and I am realising that I have no idea how to chose the right man. Im scared of making a mistake, of getting involved with the wrong one. Not been in long term relationships, only short term. Its hard coming from not having my parents having a happy marriage, I know i would make an excellent partner and a mother some day, but I wonder if ive got what it takes thanks x

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Just a personal perception (I am no expert)

Sometimes we believe there is everything in the what we want when truthfully its the wanting it that makes it seem that way.

It is understandable to want to be with someone, have a family - Human nature is hardwired to procreate and be one part of a whole (male and female whole).... It is what life is for right.

You say you know you would make an excellent partner and mother but, then you wonder if you have what it takes - You are (like so many of us here) worrying almost as if you are worthy enough to have what you truly want?

You are more than worthy! :)

The maternal within you is a given so yes, you will indeed be a fantastic mother - The real issue here is `partner` - I sense a fearing of not finding Mr Right and ever finding that perfect future? (correct me if I am wrong though)

Thing is, meeting `the one` is only ever going to happen through trial and error - short term relationships are not failures as much as they are experience. It sounds so easy for me to say I know. Yet, to check my relationship history though it is not at all rosy, I have met a lot of unsavoury characters along the way :)

Empathy and discovery of yourself is hard work - embracing it is extremely tough especially when it comes to relationships with others because you now grasp that you are on a higher level of emotional vibration to the most - Mr Right is the one who will accept you for you but, disagreements, annoyances etc will all come with at some time or another - Choosing the right person for you (only you will know what is right for you) may come with keeping yourself open to someone who may not seem your `type` to begin with?

Wanting something so much can sometimes put barriers up to actually getting it, as if the want almost becomes too much of a focus and everything else about you diminishes - The being a fun loving person or being into a certain subject (things that would attract someone to you) gets lost in the focus of seeking. Take a step back and see what makes you happy in life (as yet you have no responsibilities to hold you back) enjoy what you can and the empathy will blossom with fantastic vibes - This may well attract many to you!

I hope I made sense?

You deserve all that you want and I wish you all the best :)

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When you meet the right man you will instantly know it. Trust your intuition. It will happen when you aren't looking. And know that you are enough and you have what it takes. All of the pieces will fall into place at the right time. I know that sounds cliche but it is true.

Paul Watkiss
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The choice will not be a conscious one, you will feel it in your heart. As empathy though we have to be aware of not being a 'rescuer' as we are naturally nurturing and caring. Unfortunately this can attract us to opposites so we need to be aware of what what attracts us to people. I wish you all the best in your path.

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I agree, you will just instinctively just know if this person is right for you. If you feel you are fighting that instinct, this person is not right. I will say that I got lost during my years of dating with what I trully wanted and put it all on paper. What this person looks like, personality traits, type of career, etc. I used to think about this list all the time. As well as tell my married friends what I'm looking for (I'm the last single one in the group) One day, about 2 years later I met a man with nearly all those qualities, we are only friends today but my intuition told me he's the one. I think putting it out there will bring this person to you. You may ask why im not with him, well im still working on to better myself and almost feel I'm not ready for this man. Guess I got scared this man on paper turned into a real deal. I'm still dating and seeing what is out there, as I'm not holding my breath over him. My psychic friend said he'll eventually come around, and to just keep in contact with him. But again I'm still going to live my life as if he's not a part of it, and do things for me that I haven't done for myself.
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Thanks for your advice, im trying to love myself the best I can and keeping my heart chakra open to let love in. X

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