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few things I can imagine could be a reason for that.

-Gem's Narcissist theory

- trying (consciously or subconsciously) to explore ones boundaries, and improve being able to set boundaries (especially important for empath).

- I would not be surprised if the BDSM community is on average more 'aware'? I guess such practices force one to be more aware. Obviously regular sex can be aware (kind of tantric), but I guess with many (teh unaware masses) nature and instinct kicks in and it turns somewhat animalistic, whereas with BDSM (if one wants to avoid the other using their safe word after 2min already) one really has to feel the other person, and be very conscious?

- I admit I have stereotypes about BDSM, as for which I have not ventures there, but they could well be wrong. I am reminded of having had a massage client booking 2 years ago. He announced he'd be coming up from his naval base. I was bracing myself for tons of really bad energy, but his energies were actually really nice. It felt like in his job, with life and death at stake, people really look out for each other. I felt sorry for him, if he'll ever need to enter the comparatively cut throat environment of a modern city office!

- If they are unaware empath something else could come in. Empath awareness does not seem to have been around too long (at least not that openly). The general wider known philosophy is that we create our reality and the Law of Attraction. So if an empath believes that, they might conclude that them often feeling negative might be them creating/ attracting such - which can lead to guilt (consciously or subconsciously). If one has guilt and experiences pain, then that can lead to feelings of penance, which can open the door to healing (as they now think that after the pain experienced they are allowed some healing)?

Hope I am not just rambling :))

Love and Light!

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