No aura and leeching?

2 years ago
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theres someone i know who at times has no aura at all and this person has used telepathy on me and also has induced emotions in me from extremely long distance (negative ones to prevent me from doing something), also i believe they could perhaps be able to see through my eyes since both incidents seem impossible to react to unless they knew what i saw through my eyes. right now i am unaware of if i am being watched and i have felt myself acting more like them in the past while. usually if i meet eyes with someone and i sense a connection building that i dont want i can disassociate or something but with this person i just cant it is freaking erie because i dont want to get drained and that feels like what is happening to me. slowly and steadily. i have a feeling i had been stalked by this person on more than one occasion.

i have no idea how to handle this and i am looking for advice. this whole post may sound crazy but i am wondering if the person is even human.

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sorry Lao you are experiencing that.In my experience negative energies/ beings come in many shapes, varieties and strength. Have not experienced anything like you describe, but that does not mean anything. I did fear that my guru from a cult I was in years ago hounded me for years after me leaving, but am not so sure anymore if it is true? Nowadays I think he might have for a while (I did piss him off quite a bit by questioning his authority in front of the group, and then leaving), but most of what I experienced were likely other negative energies mimicking psychic attacks from my guru, because they knew it would disconcert me.

What I did learn is that I do not always need to know exactly what is going on, My divine healers and helpers help regardless of me knowing, or not knowing. Well, one just has to ask for perfect help, and tell them one does not want to suffer - and they do everything in their power (which in the long run is always greater than anything any negative energy or beings can come up with).

From the sounds of it, you are dealing with something quite tricky - whether that is that person or some other energy disconcerting you. I personally would not try to tackle anything like that without my healers and helpers anyway, so I would ask for their help and for them to sort it out! You can offer your body as a channel for healing energies to come in, do do something. But as for learning any necessary potential lessons, that is always possible in retrospect too...

As for potential energy loss, are you grounding? At least that way if anything manages to drain you, it is a way to replenish what is lost relatively quickly....

Hope that helps in some way. Love and Light!

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