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Heal My Heart Crystal Jewelry ~ $20

HH8_1_tiny.jpgIf crystals could talk, this rose quartz would whisper that it can heal your heart. Gently, lovingly and faithfully.

Your heart is at the core of your being: it allows you to love and feel loved by yourself and others. And yet, it is so easily wounded.

This sterling silver Rose Quartz pendant is a powerful healing crystal for your heart chakra.


  • You feel exhausted at the end of the day when youve had to interact with a lot of people. A wounded heart bleed energy.
  • You have a hard time accepting who you really are. A wounded heart cannot love itself.
  • You dont feel safe around other people. A wounded heart sees only pain and suffering in the world.


Wear this pendant whenever you are around people that have hurt you in the past. It will gently mend past wounds, dissolve painful memories and release defensive reflexes that make you clam up, lash out or retreat when you dont feel safe.

Your purchase provides a 15% donation to the Empath Community. THANK YOU!


Elise Lebeau, Ph.D. Professional Intuitive

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