Getting out of Toxic Home

2 years ago
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I feel like I'm kicking and screaming making no progress in getting out of this toxic environment that I live in. I have been asking for help and praying to the Divine and I'm receiving peace that surpasses understanding and several coincidences occurring but feel like I'm getting no where.. I am follow up on them but the doors seem to close after an attempt to make them work. I have no direction to go in, All I know is that I have to leave because being here is a constant struggle to stay positive. The harder I try and the stronger I become the stronger they become negatively .. It kinda makes me wonder if this is a fight between good and evil or even if that sort of thing even exists. I could use some guidance.

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I believe places can be cursed and ive experienced it with a friend the house she has lived in for years has brought her constant bad luck since she moved there and it seems infested with spirits. I tries to stay over night in her house visiting her but i wasnt able to fall asleep at all being awakened just on the edge of sleeping by spirits doing things.

I believe her house is a hotspot for some reason. She is very much in a negative place in her life and every time she trys to get to move another big problem comes up for her to tackle so she can never get any doors to stay open for her to move out the house,

Im not saying your place is a spirit problem but it could be. Or it could just be bad energy for something that happened there in the past. Or some other reason. Have you thought about getting a house clearing done. There are many people out there who can do this very well. And distantly so you or they dont need to travel. It can be quite miraculus the results. Even if you go on still to move then it could help you to be able to get to that point and have a door stay open for you.

Ive had a similar fight between good and evil it was horrendous. I can talk more about it if that would help but i think it maybe a different sort of situation. I thought mine was my house cos the evil energy was in the house and everywhere. But i have ended up loving this house and wanting to stay here forever. I found out it wasnt the house but a bad healer i was involved in who was channeling evil spirits to me when she was supposed to be sending distant healing. I found out cos i had a dream that told me this and told me immedatley to stop the healings. I dont know if she was doing it conciously or what And straight away something good happened to me after i had had years of terrable luck.It took awhile to get rid of all the negative left overs from her. But im just saying its not always the house it can come from people even so called healers

I hope some of that helps you feel like its not just you.

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When I have felt like this in the past, I've come to realize that I had to work on accepting the way things were and waiting for the divine/God/Goddess/universe to create my next move at the perfect time. I have "forced" many a situation to my own detriment because I wasn't willing (because I was suffering) to wait for the perfect thing to come at the perfect time. I found everything I did just put me in my own way...

I hear your pain and I can so relate to it. Acceptance of "what is" is key and while you're waiting and praying, work on those things about yourself that you can so that you're ready for the change.

I will add my prayers...

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