Feeling constant flow of electricity throughout my body

2 years ago
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Off and on for the last few years I have been searching the internet for more information on this subject and have not been able to find anything definite so I'm hoping to find some answers here possibly. About five years ago I had had some energy work done a short time after that I had an episode that I can only describe as a seizure which I am guessing now was a kundalini experience. It was very scary and also very painful the symptoms lasted for a long time and I have the sensation of electricity running throughout my body constantly sometimes more severe than others. I am wondering now if the experience did not do something to my central nervous system I am not sure but ever since I have had the feeling of tingling in my arms and my feet and throughout my body constantly to the point that it's exhausting at times. I have issues with fatigue as I'm always losing energy because my body isn't able to hold on to it it's always being drained.I have many other symptoms as well as increased sensitivity with sight, smell, hearing, touch and temperature. It has gotten better though over the years but is Amplified when I'm stressed or overly tired. Over the years I have also become aware of other abilities that I have but I'm only now beginning to understand them. I wish I knew how to enhance these but I don't at this time so I am searching to learn more. Are there any others here who have had experiences similar to this with the feeling of electricity and do you have any suggestions is this normal? As far as what we would call normal? Thank you
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All i can say is i have had alot of healing done and do energy work on myself too. and its often produces this electricity feeling. I have given myself and other people electric shock type feeling with my hands. I couldnt do healing on myself until i learned to shut down my hand chakras cos i decided to try to block them when i was healing to see if that made a difference to the intensity of the energy coming through. I think they where too open and i believe all my chakras are too open.

I am highly sensitive to all body sensations and it increases if i do a healing for too long on myself. so i have to keep the sessions short and sweet. Its Like the body is out of balance and too high vibrations if i do healing for too long.

We are beings of the earth...in our bodys are from earth but our spirit is from upper higher realms. We need both to be stable and comfortable as humans.

I would sugest you look into closing your chakras they sound way too open to me. THis is what i am looking into at present. Also any grounding techniques you can find on the internet would maybe make you feel less sensitive. Your body needs to be strongly connected to the earth to be okay.

I would say that you got too much energy from the healer doing that on you. It does sound a bit like kundalini awakening they are oftem traumatic and some people regret them highly cos the suffering that comes from being too finely tuned to everything.

But i also thought maybe about Chronic fatogue syndrome this an illness of the nervous system that causes sensitivity and extreme fatigue. It comes from damage to the central nervous system. Pm me if youd like to ask more. I have chronic fatigue syndrome myself or m.e. as its called in the UK

One thing that helps me when i feel so super sensitive that i cry is drinking loads and loads of water. Im not sure yet why this is but it works for me. Im talking like a litre and a half or two litre bottle of mineral water. Not tap water. In the spaace of an hour taking lots of little sips dont down it all at once it will just go through you and you will just need to wee! It needs to get into the tissues of your body and be absorbed into them so lots of little sips every minute or so. This works great for me. But you must drink alot even if you dont feel thirsty. Give it a try when your at your most tired out and see if it works for you too.

I hope some of that helped you in some way good luck to you in your search for increasing your intuition and increasing your empathic abilities. Im after decreasing mine. I have too many would you like some of mine!! LOL !.

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