Does anyone else get very agitated, upset with the change of season

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I wondered this cos every year around the turn of winter to spring is by far the worst time for me. And then so is spring to summer. They are my worst months of the year cos of all the excess energy from nature i suppose. Especialy the turn when it first goes into change. But this year ive had the whole of my sleep disturbed for the last week and the clocks have just changed here in the UK.

My whole energy has been awful i felt so dreadful all week. Very highly agitated and like my body has too much energy to be able to fall asleep or rest. My favorite time of year is autumn and winter. But i still love all the flowers of summer.

Does anyone else experience similar.?

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Yes, I do. My worst time is the transition from Fall to Winter. Winter time is so gray it really scares me sometimes. It's like it forms a ceiling that my energy cannot break though. I always feel death in the wintertime but I know it's because there is no green leaves and no birds singing much. It really brings me down.
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Yes, I have a tough time with seasonal transitions. It's like everything gets jumbled and I get anxious and feel things too strong or something. I'ma actually doing fine right now, which is really unusual in April for me. I'm crossing my fingers I can sort of breathe through it and enjoy it as much as possible with as little jumble as possible.

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Yes. Yes. ...and yes! Every year as winter falls away, I look forward to shedding the boots and coats. I imagine that I'll have renewed energy and a feel healthier and more expansive. What really happens is that I become a mess! I feel bombarded and weighed down and I catch every cold and virus within 200 miles! My anxiety reaches new heights and I just want to crawl into bed.

My theory now is that I'm being overwhelmed by the tension of all that new life getting ready to pop! All the buds and grasses that are just on the brink of exploding completely "jangles" my energy and just wears me down. Since I've begun to recognize this, it has been a little better.

You're the first person I know to experience this too! It's nice to know I'm not alone! Thanks for bringing it up!

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Wow! This is exactly my experience every year!

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scientifically I think it is many people being VIT D3 deficient, which is worst end of winter. beginning spring (before the lack has been filled up again)?!?! Make sure you take VIT D, and enough, if you don;t already :)

I do prefer spring, summer and autumn. With winter and everybody's energies being down/ lower it can be a real drag on my energies. I.e. I think I empathically get people's low energies.

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