Hearing 3 knocks on wall

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I have been having alot of problems with knockings on the wall, hearing 3 knocks and seeing different color small orbs and specs, as I am writing this I get strong energy sensation which I know is my crown chakra. There is so much more that I experience, since birth but would like any help as to what all the knockings and constant energy feeling on top my head could be.
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Scott Yates
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In my experience of paranormal research, if there are 3 knocks usually between 3am and dawn, it's demonic. The 3 knocks is ment as an insult to the trinity. Yes, the Conjuring told the truth...lol. Your crown chakra is usually where insight and intution comes from. The intense energetic feeling it that area could be a warning (usually is for me) or the feeling of being highly sensitive to the paranormal going on around you. That's my take on what you described.

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