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How do you deal with discovering your empath abilities and trying to understand it all yourself, but then trying to explain everything you're going through with someone who doesn't believe it. I feel so frustrated and want to share what's going on but the hubs doesn't believe in abilities of any sort. Are there things one can do to try to help someone else understand? Has anyone else ever been in this situation?
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Trevor Lewis
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Hi Phyllis,

If someone is determined not to accept, there is NOTHING you can do to change their mind.

If they are skeptical (which I think is better than cynical?), then all you can really do is keep chipping away.

If it helps, I wrote up my own story as a way of explaining my experiences to non-empaths. See

Good luck ... and best you can, be patient. With the rate consciousness is rising these days who know how quickly we might find ourselves as the new normal! :-)



Cat Whisperer
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Give it time. My husband was a skeptic of anything that could not be explained. Fast forward 10 years, not only does he believe but sometimes when I am a little "off", he reminds me that it might not be my stuff. He has seen the unexplainable quite often so now he accepts it. He also is coming around on the whole reincarnation thing as well. He used to tell me that it was just dreams I was remembering, but since hearing me talk in my sleep in a foreign language on more than one occasion he has come to relize that maybe it is possible. Instead of explaining, find occasions to show him.
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Hi...i've struggled with my family not believing anything...and i've given up...they don't WANT to know or understand...trying to discuss anything with someone with a closed mind is really toxic to your/my own's an extreme let down and knowing when to stop trying to validate yourself to this type of person if just as important as knowing when it's safe to do stop trying for awhile and give yourself a rest from banging your head against that brick have plenty of people here who believe everything you say...
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Thanks everyone!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has experienced this. I assumed it was a common issue as I feel people can be very skeptical of things that aren't tangible. I will read your article, Trevor. I know it's going to be extremely helpful!!!
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My husband was and still is up to a point, a non believer. But...he likes shopping for crystals and has even mention buying himself one to keep in his pocket. Lol. I still get them occasional eye rolls when he sneaks up at night seeing me meditating But this is me! Like it or not.
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I don't tell my husband about all of my abilities, but he knows very well I'm an empath and that I do energy work and all that stuff that is often connected with empath-ness, but he doesn't know the extent. At first he told me he literally hated it, then he saw me go through a healing transformation. Our family got healthier as a result and so did our marriage. He still doesn't know what to think about me having crystals or doing energy work for myself and friends or being a Reiki master and all that, but he has seen real, measurable results, so he has definitely warmed to it all, and sort of just lets it go. I still struggle feeling free to be open about it all, but I think it's okay to just keep some of it to yourself if you don't think others can handle it. That's why it's nice to have places like this where just about everyone can relate.

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I'm in the same place. I feel like it's important that I come to a complete understanding about my abilities before I can even begin to explain it to my husband. If I try to talk to him about it now there is no way he will understand my awakening. I don't know if I'll ever be able to discuss it with him, which make me thankful for this forum.

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I remember, around the age of 8-10, trying to describe what I was feeling and experiencing to my parents and some family members. I didn't know what impaths were, so that made things even more difficult. Of course no one believed me. Eventually, I just quit trying to tell people about it and kept it to myself. I wish you luck, trying to convince your spouse that you have these abilities. At least there's a lot of info online now. When I was young, the Internet hadn't been publicized and I'm sure was pretty empty.
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I'm having the exact same issue with my husband! This morning to be exact. He doesn't fully believe in my abilities which I have most recently found out. He is a logical thinker and honestly, I know in my heart he somewhat thinks I'm a nutcase. :( He would never come out and say it, but I definitely pick up on the fact that he thinks it's nonsense and I'm headed straight to the looney bin! I can't believe after almost 10 years of us being together that he feels that way about my epiphany! I totally understand where you are coming from Phyllis! It's frustrating beyond belief! I feel like if he doesn't embrace this gift/curse of mine, that we will not last. I am at a loss when it comes to getting through to him and that just sucks.

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