Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
2 years ago
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You could be a "smell sensitive" called clairolfaction. I am also very sensitive to smells, I always know when my departed Mom is around because I can smell her. It always comforts me :) There are a lot of times I can smell things that no one else can. I didn't realize that some of those smells were from beyond until my Mom's passing, then it all clicked.
2 years ago
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Ive smelt cigarette smoke before very over poweringly and cigarette ashtray smell as well. It cant be coming from anywhere else but the spirit world as my neighbours arent near and i live alone. Ive also smelt the overwhelming stench of (Sorry in advance to anyone sensitive!!) rotting flesh at a time i had alot of really bad stuff going on in my life and i believe i was cursed at the time. This smelll was constantly around me. Till things changed in my life. I got the strongest muskiest perfume i could find and burn benzoine essential oil all the time to block it out but could still smell it. It was hiddeous.

But spirits can make smells. Ive heard of alot of people smell cigarette smoke its one of the most common spirit smells next to a departed loved ones perfume. Or the smell of flowers in the dead of winter. Often a departed loved ones favorite flower. Ive also heard a christian friend said she could smell the sweetest smell she had ever smelt in the middle of winter when she was one her way to a special retreat place...she thought it might be the anointing oil that they used on christ after he was laid down from the cross. That was her beliefs coming into play maybe but who knows. She said since then she has smelled it other times. Like its not like perfume that you would smell on earth its most beautiful smell she every smelt. I was so jelaous of her being so blessed after my rotting flesh experience!!

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