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I agree - as it says - 'Do not resist evil!'. But I disagree that one cannot shield too. In a way I see myself a bit like the rubbish removal, or sewage cleaner for confused and negative emotions/ energies, etc.. Now that can be unpleasant enough as it is, so why not shield at least some off it off? (there is still plenty coming through) - otherwise it like telling a sewer cleaner to go without his/her protective clothing, and ask them to have a bath in sewage whilst working - lol. I pray for perfect healings, cleansings, protections, and energy recharges (always) - as much as necessary, possible, available and sensible! Whatever else then still manages to come through - so be it. I do not think it is because the Divine wants us to suffer, but it is still unavoidable, and in the long term to our, and the planet's benefit - so there is no use in complaining

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