Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
2 years ago
780 posts
I can soooo relate! I am currently working in CPA firm where there are long hours and high stress. Not only from the clients (if they wind up owing, they take it out on the preparer), but very negative and toxic co-workers. Add no boss at the office to keep all of the craziness in check (satellite office). I am at the point now where I am physically getting ill from the constant inflow of bad energy. Had to miss work today because I just had to have alone time and rest. No amount of grounding, cleansing, praying, smudging, etc can fend off all of the garbage. I thought since discovering I was an empath and learning techniques to manage the influx of energies I would be ok this season but I think this will be my last season at this place. Not worth it!

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