Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
2 years ago
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Hi Jenna,

Oh boy! Yes, you are an empath ... no doubts!

It is a common empath trait that we get to process the emotions that the people around us in denial about. In your case that is your boyfriend's lack of passion and lack of motivation. In others, it could unexpressed anger or sadness or any one of the whole gamut of emotions. They stuff it ... we feel it!

While I am here, I am moved to share a saying I learned way back in my teens (many years ago) about how most women think that she can change her man, most men think his woman is going to stay the same. More often than not they are both wrong.

If I am stepping into territory with that where I wasn't invited, my apologies.



2 years ago
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Hi Jenna... I read you drained me so fast ...I don't want to point fingers or take sides...there's hurt there from both of you...but more from him than from you....your the one draining him everytime you bring up his career...and you feel that drain as your own...he works in a high energy draining job as well...both of you are very loud and unhappy...I don't think his job is the issue at's what your picking at and blaming your unhappiness might want to look into that...

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